BIM should make your heart sing!

BIM should make your heart sing!

Here I am in yet another BIM software demonstration (you wait years for one and then they all come at once) with this computer whiz kid salesman wowing me with yet another set of amazing 3D building graphics. I am starting to believe the industry I love is being turned into some sort of computer game. So I thought I’d write a few words to remind myself why BIM is so important to Sustainable Construction.

Construction is more than just building

I think by now everyone must be of the opinion that construction is much more than just laying bricks on bricks or pouring concrete into holes in the ground; well they’re misguided if they’re not. Having a positive impact on the environment is not just a buzz phrase it’s the way we do things around here. The more efficient use of the world’s finite resources and the introduction of more innovative solutions that improve asset life cycle management is now a given for us.

BIM isn’t just bling

BRE-Cert-2As the whiz kid salesman (I should really have listened to his name) keeps telling me we are already using the 3D Hollywood BIM for clash detection to improve the design and construction process. Yes but, someone needs to tell him is that we also use it for improved collaboration, 4D programming, 5D scheduling, reduced material waste, standardisation of components, environmental performance modelling etc. I could go on but I’m sure you get the picture; all of this contributes to positive environmental impact, not just a pretty graphic but the most sustainable solution.

It doesn’t stop there either, we are developing the principle of 6D BIM that could be made available to asset owners, operators and maintainers through integrating the O&M data with the asset geometry in the BIM model and automatically linking it to Computer Aided Facility Management software (CAFM).

Better data = better decisions

BIM sounds wonderful doesn’t it? But make no mistake, just like many other technological advances it is a tool, albeit a very powerful one, that manages data enabling better decisions to be made. Decisions made by the people with the correct skills and cultural values to prevent “rubbish in rubbish out”.

The Late Steve Jobs said: “We believe that it is technology married with the liberal arts, married with humanities that yield us the result that makes our heart sing.”

I am convinced that through the combination of BIM, our values and the knowledge, skills and determination of our people, we will achieve the positive environmental impacts that will make everyone’s heart sing.

The whiz kid salesman has finished; my hearts singing; let’s go.

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Building Information Modelling (BIM) – BIM has emerged as a proven means of providing transparent collaboration between the multiple designers, construction professionals and end users involved in a construction project.

Richard Jones

Richard Jones is an Associate Director in Interserve Construction and chairs the division’s Sustainable Business Steering Group. Richard led the business’s adoption of the EFQM Excellence Model Framework and was instrumental in integrating sustainability metrics into the annual business planning cycle.