Buildings matter, but people matter more

In September Interserve held the first of a series of breakfast debates with customers in the commercial property and retail sectors.

Workplace facilities management researchThe event explored the science behind creating effective workplaces. The debate emphasised the importance of putting the end user at the heart of everything, of thinking holistically and acknowledging that while functional delivery plays an important role in workplace management, we have to create experiences that engender strong emotional feelings.

The topic is important to Interserve because our customers are under growing pressure to reduce operating costs and maximise productivity, while simultaneously having to deal with rising workplace density and employees’ growing expectations of what a modern workplace should offer.

The debate found there are some key factors in moving this agenda forward, from:

  • People and purpose – thinking about what your space aims to achieve
  • Be brave – thinking about what more you could be doing with your space
  • Manage the experience – thinking about which elements shape the experience and how you can influence them
  • Be a consumer – consider what we can learn from the consumer world
  •  Join up with Facilities Management (FM) – property, FM, Human Resources and IT teams should work together
  •  Changing dynamics – consider how technology will change the experience
  •  Work in partnership – go above and beyond the day-to-day routine and focus on the commercial and cultural challenges of the organisation

Ultimately, creating environments that harness knowledge and creativity and which also respond to people on a human level is vital to commercial success.

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Jeff Flanagan

Jeff Flanagan is a managing director - commercial, at Interserve.