Designing and delivering effective workplace experiences – a practical guide

Workplace research

Last year we launched a two year research programme that is looking at the science behind the workplace experience and the way in which working environment can influence the performance of an organisation.

So far we’ve defined the concept of the workplace experience and presented the best available science on knowledge worker productivity, cognitive performance and consumer experience design through two reports already published.

The latest report moves on to practical guidance. It sets out a step-by-step process for defining and creating workplace experiences that align with an organisation’s strategic business drivers, encapsulate its personality and culture, and meet its functional needs.

A six-stage process

Our workplace experience process involves six distinct stages:

  1. Workplace experience brief – internal and external research to define the requirements for the workplace experience
  2. Synthesis and innovation – combining all inputs to establish a series of goals for the workplace experience
  3. Journey design – breaking the workplace experience into a series of journeys and considering how goals generated in stage two can be represented and translated for each sense
  4. Specification – translating journey designs into a series of deliverable defined parts
  5. Delivery – working with the project team to deliver joined up experiences
  6. Workplace management – holistically managing and evolving the workplace experience
    In the latest report we cover the first five stages. Stage six will be covered in detail in a report issued later this year.

What the process means and its intentions

It is a long and involved process in many ways that is detailed out in the report, but the rigour of it pays dividends in the end. From looking in detail at key business-driven topics and underpinning capability to mapping the journey and establishing ‘moments of truth’, the report provides a clear guide that can be followed to support businesses in defining and creating their own workplace experience. The key then becomes managing this experience. Designing and delivering great workplace experiences is not a one-off fix but, rather like the workplace experience itself, it is an ongoing corporate journey.

What’s coming up in 2017?

The next report will look further into the science of the workplace by looking at case studies from the consumer world, how experience is shaped, and what we can learn from this. The last report will study the most critical element of all, how the workplace experience is delivered every day, how it is measured and how it can be improved over time.

The reports that have been released so far:

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Jeff Flanagan

Jeff Flanagan is a managing director - commercial, at Interserve.