How facilities management can help keep Britain safe

How facilities management can keep Britain safeFacilities management professionals have a unique overview and understanding of the spaces they manage and they come into direct, regular contact with members of the public.

Part of their day-to-day role is to identify anything out of the ordinary and solve problems as they arise. It’s not a significant leap to say that these teams also remain watchful for potential security issues.

Interserve has worked with the City of London Police and Metropolitan Police on their Project Griffin for some time. Project Griffin was created to empower communities to help protect their buildings, business areas and neighbourhoods against the threat of terrorism.

Interserve has brought Project Griffin training in-house, supported by information and guidance provided by the National Counter Security Office (NaCTSO). We have worked with the British Transport Police in our transport division to provide terror-related security training to cleaning teams. In our retail division we also have team members being trained, not just to identify potential threats, but to actively support security teams and police in the case of an attack.

At a time when the facilities management industry is looking to showcase its value in the eyes of customers and the public, this is an opportunity to achieve that while making our country a safer place to live and work.

Terry Hanley, director of security at Interserve, looks at the role that facilities management can play in keeping Britain, its people and its business, safe.

You can read the full article in FM World here (pg 39) You can also see Interserve featured on pgs 19, 23, 24, 50-51 and 60-62 in this issue.

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