A Woman’s Place – 2016 International Women’s Day

Interserve is a successful FTSE-listed company of 85,000 employees, of whom around 45 per cent are female. It is truly ‘a woman’s place’ – and we’ve deliberately cannibalised this well-known – and fortunately outdated – statement as the title of our own campaign for International Women’s Day. We believe in providing equality of opportunity to everyone, regardless of gender, and we’ve chosen to use International Women’s Day to help us challenge preconceptions about the role of women – and our role as employers of women – as we move towards greater parity.

Overcoming preconceptions of a woman’s place

All the women featured below have succeeded in roles which only a decade or so ago would have been unusual, and in one case, impossible for women. Many have done so in spite of society – in the form of teachers, family or careers advisers – telling them they couldn’t. Interserve has benefited from the determination of these women to ignore out-dated preconceptions of a woman’s place, and we want to encourage more young women to continue to challenge such attitudes. We in turn, as employers will continue to ensure that no opportunities are closed.

Working for Justice

Working for Justice

Lillian Kinloch – a Community Payback supervisor Read about Lillian who set up a women-only rehabilitation group for offenders. Read more…

Life for women in construction

On the construction site

Rebecca Mullens – Area Quantity Surveyor Read about Rebecca, who ignored unhelpful and stereotypical careers advice to succeed in the male-dominated construction industry. Read more…


Working towards women’s equality in Saudi Arabia

Nichole Munro – Vice Principal of Female College in Saudi Arabia Read about Nichole who is helping women achieve equality in the Saudi Arabia. Read more…

standing up for myself

Standing up for yourself

Stephanie Johnston – Integration Programme Manager Read about Stephanie who stood up for herself when it counted to prove women are just as entitled to the same opportunities as men. Read more…

The View from The Shard

The View from The Shard

Roma Agrawal – Design Manager Read about Roma who is actively campaigning and influencing key decision makers in order to encourage women to choose careers in engineering. Read more…

Make a pledge and help accelerate gender parity – #pledgeforparity

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