About us

About us

At Interserve, we believe in putting ingenuity to work.  In reality, this means being imaginative, empowering our people to explore emerging technologies, processes and ways of working, and creating an environment where curiosity is encouraged.

Ingenuity isn’t about being overtly smart, complex or making things more complicated than they need to be.  For us, it’s about having the confidence to wonder whether the current way is the best way.  To ask those ‘Wouldn’t it be better if…’, ‘imagine if we could…’ questions.  In short, to always search for better for ourselves and our customers. 

ingenuity (noun) The process of applying ideas to solve problems or meet challenges; the ability to combine ideas; curiosity; the power of ready invention.

5 Areas of focus

1 1) Places that benefit people

Create places and deliver services that enhance people’s lives, that can be valued, that contribute to individuals’ wellbeing and that are designed and built for the future. This means we will design places that are fit for the future – that are resilient to the effects of climate change and high energy costs, and that respond to the changing demands of modern society.

1) Places that benefit people

2 2) Public Service in the Public Interest

Set ourselves apart by delivering services that benefit people and demonstrating the value our employees play in society. As the role of government changes, Interserve will increasingly support front-line public agencies and the third sector, as well as delivering public services directly.

2) Public Service in the Public Interest

3 3) More Skills More Opportunities

Build the skills of employees and stakeholders by sharing know-how, providing opportunities for self-improvement and making a positive and productive contribution to society. Building and maintaining the skills of our employees and stakeholders is vital for all aspects of what we seek to achieve. Developing skills and sharing learning will increase our capabilities, enhance relationships and generate wider benefits by adding to society’s collective pool of capacity and knowledge.

3) More Skills More Opportunities

4 4) Positive environmental impact

We will move beyond compliance towards making a positive and restorative contribution to the environment through every project. Environmental challenges are increasingly pressing and it is no longer sufficient simply to comply with regulations or deliver on narrow and modest targets. Overall emissions of greenhouse gases need to be drastically cut – and quickly. Urgent action is also required in order to protect biodiversity.

4) Positive environmental impact

5 5) Sustainable Growth

Building a profitable business that takes into account the true costs of business and delivers sustained value for all. In our fast-changing world it is no longer possible to focus only on financial values as we seek to grow. It is now necessary to build a broader platform to measure performance, that recognises wider considerations alongside the more familiar measures of profit growth and financial success.

5) Sustainable Growth