Perceptions of cleaning as a career are finally changing

Janet Parks FM World - HEROThe cleaning profession is almost unrecognisable compared to just a few years ago, with tasks undertaken by the cleaning teams diversifying.

Across the board, cleaning teams are working more closely with other building management functions to provide additional services and support. They are adding real value to customers and showing everyone what they are capable of. Importantly, perceptions of cleaning as a career are also changing. We are seeing more and more employees making the move from temporary to full-time roles; embracing the profession as a rewarding career choice.

Janet Parks, director of cleaning at Interserve, recently discussed with FM World how perceptions of cleaning as a career are finally changing.

You can read the full article in FM World here (pg 23). You can also see Interserve featured on pages 19, 24, 39, 50-51 and 60-62 in this issue.

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