Putting customers in the driving seat

customer-experience-heroCustomer experience is an opportunity to differentiate; to be seen not just for the things you do, but how you go about doing them.

It is important for the long-term success of a business.

Iain Shorthose, customer experience director, discussed with Customer Experience Magazine editor-in-chief, Marija Pavlović, how customer experience is driving business strategy.

“The customer experience is all about taking your brand DNA and making it live and breathe throughout the organisation.” Iain explains, “It can’t be left to chance; it must be proactively designed.”

Understanding and communications

He considers, “It’s about understanding everything from a company’s overarching brand and business strategy, to the way the company communicates to the market, right down to the second-by-second experience the customer has when he or she walks into a store or picks up the phone to place an order. If you can bring all of these elements into alignment, you are on the right track.”

The emotional impact

Iain explains further that “the customer experience is not a purely functional thing…There is an emotional aspect to any experience. That could be frustration at being passed from pillar to post when trying to rectify and issue, or a feeling of confidence at dealing with an expert and competent sales person.”

What matters the most

For Interserve, Iain expresses, “The customer experience is about being at our best when it matters most. If we get it right, we earn the trust and confidence of our customers and establish ourselves as a partner of choice, which is where every service-based company wants to get to.”

You can read the full interview with Customer Experience Magazine online here.

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