Re-using waste water across the Middle East

A responsible business is one that does its bit to help create a fairer society and a more sustainable future.

At Interserve, we certainly do our bit and last year we won the Emirates Green Building Council award for introducing ‘Bionest’ technology, which allows waste water to be re-used, into the Middle East market.

Bionest treats brown water with micro-organisms that break down contaminants in a controlled environment so the water is suitable for reuse. Treated water is then used for dust suppression, car washing, window washing, irrigation systems and planting on accommodation facilities.

We started using Bionest wastewater treatment systems on our sites in the Middle East in 2012. We have since installed 68 systems across the region, capable of treating over 3,000 m3 volume of water. This leads to significant savings for our own and our clients’ operations by reducing the cost of purchasing water and transporting it by road. We estimate that some 60,000 truck journeys are removed from the road annually due to the use of Bionest technology in the region. We installed a further 20 Bionest plants at sites across the Middle East during 2015.

Bionest has proven its eco-friendly performance to staff and clients alike. For example, since its installation the system in use at Khansaheb’s Buhasa facility in the Western Region of Abu Dhabi, has reduced the number of trips by wastewater and water tankers by 240 per month. Converting the wastewater into safe grey water for use on-site has meant less waste needs to be carted off for safe disposal. Less ‘potable’ water is also shipped in, where the grey water has been used for dust suppression, in toilet flushing and for irrigation.

Stuart Mee, Sustainability Manager for Interserve’s International division, says: “In a region where water is an extremely scarce resource, with limited reserves of groundwater and low amounts of rainfall, we are acting as a responsible business by using Bionest as a valuable solution to reduce our reliance on potable water. The systems are easy to install, re-locatable and of a modular nature. “They have the advantage of treating waste water on site to produce high quality water which can be used in many different ways. This has also resulted in reduced sewage tanker traffic leading to lower fuel use and carbon emissions, in addition to financial savings.”

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