Supporting the BSA’s Responsible Cleaner Scheme

Supporting the BSA’s Responsible Cleaner Scheme

Interserve forms part of the BSA Responsible Cleaner Scheme, developed to protect and promote the welfare and development of employees in the cleaning industry.

At the heart of our approach at Interserve, is a commitment to address the many urgent issues that affect our future, and the future of those who work with us. Being a responsible employer is one of the biggest issues we face on a daily basis. It’s easy to say you’re responsible, and it’s easy to have policies that enforce this, but you have to go above and beyond if you really want to walk the talk.

The BSA Responsible Cleaner Scheme is just one more step in our approach to supporting our people. The scheme supports the work we’ve been doing with the Equality and Human Rights Commission Invisible workforce taskforce – see my blog on the topic here.

The Responsible Cleaner Scheme

In itself, it is a commitment from across the industry to protect and promote the welfare and development of employees in the cleaning industry; to make sure their experience and capabilities are recognised and developed; and to promote the professionalisation of the industry itself.

This means seeing cleaning as a career and not just a task to perform. We were one of the first companies to promote Apprenticeships in Cleaning, and we continue to work with BICSc to promote the upskilling of our workforce. Just recently we created a centre of excellence at the University of Sussex, training 135 members of the cleaning and housekeeping team to Bronze Level and have supported Hamad Ghadry to become the first and only person in the country to have undertaken all of the updated Cleaning Professional Skills Suite V2.

The sector contributes £8 billion to the UK economy and employs half a million people. We have a responsibility to all of these people, and to the 20,000 cleaners in our business to do everything we can to improve the conditions across the industry.

The commitments

The full commitments can be found on the BSA’s website ( and in summary cover:

  • To provide fair and equal opportunities within the workforce
  • To support the workforce through robust and confidential processes and policies
  • To safeguard and promote health, safety and welfare of the teams
  • To offer appropriate pay and benefits
  • To identify personal development needs and appropriate training
  • To positively support employees during the transfer process
  • To ensure employees’ dignity and respect is upheld

Overall this commitment ensures that every company that supports it will provide a workplace where all cleaning team members are encouraged and supported.

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