Bringing the sustainability plan to life

Bringing the sustainability plan to life

So here we are – 100 days since the launch of our SustainAbilities plan. At this point, I thought it would be a good moment to reflect on the achievements so far, and then start to consider the road ahead.

I’m incredibly grateful for the support that our team and our plan have received. I’ve been both inspired and bowled over by the level of energy and enthusiasm that’s been poured into bringing the plan to life. In my travels around the group and talking to colleagues it’s been really rewarding to hear your individual stories, to see how we’re all starting to bring SustainAbilities to life, and to feel the collective sense of passion and excitement around being part of such an ambitious undertaking.

Making a difference to how we do business

I think that SustainAbilities is really starting to make a difference to how we think about our business and has given people licence to experiment, to dream and to make a difference.

The highlights so far:

I’d also like to pause a moment and just reflect on some of the highlights of the past 100 days:

Media coverage – we launched the plan to the press and received extensive coverage, including publications such as Construction News and FM World.

Groundwork and InterservePlanning – completed detailed divisional plans that will help deliver on targets

Harnessing technology – developed an IT data capture and reporting solution (phase one now live)

Learning tools – designed an e-learning programme and tool-box talk (both of which will be hitting the streets in September) enabling the messages of SustainAbilities to be pushed out to thousands of our colleagues)

Profile-raising – talking to important national and international audiences, presenting at conferences, trade fairs, government bodies and with the media (I can now do some of these speeches in my sleep, I reckon!).

Forging partnerships – with brilliant organisations like Groundwork, the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC), Slipstream for Wales, Business in the Community and Leicester College (in a collaborative arrangement to provide numeracy, literacy and professional qualifications to our 2,000 hospital staff – read more).

Sharing our vision with clients – like Sainsbury’s, East Thames Housing and Alliance Boots, that we have a lot to offer in areas touched by SustainAbilities that are strategically important to them – and the commercial opportunities that this can bring.

Our half-day workshop with Sainsbury’s to discuss designing projects towards a vision of future sustainability was a really exciting taste of things to come.

And there are also huge advances being made towards our 48 targets. But that’s the subject for a future blog.

Tackling the sustainability BHAGs

From here on, I’d like to start to focus on how we are going to achieve these Big Hairy Audacious Goals. And of course we’ll need your help: to brainstorm, to share new ideas, to spread best practice, to provoke and to challenge, and most of all to turn ideas into action.

Please join in the discussion. Add your comments. Blog, tweet or email. Or do it the old fashioned way and simply talk to someone. It all makes a difference. And we can’t do this without everyone’s help.

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Download the Sustainability plan.

Tim Haywood

Tim Haywood is Group Finance Director and Head of Sustainability, Interserve Plc.