Sustainable construction matters

Sustainable construction matters

With the launch of the Sustainability Hub you might be forgiven for thinking ‘is this just another construction company wishing to increase its digital footprint by writing about how it’s going to reduce its carbon footprint?’

Hopefully you’re not, but even if you are, I hope I can persuade you otherwise. Through this and subsequent blog posts, I hope I can help you form an opinion of what it is that can be expected of a principal UK construction company that prides itself on its positive sustainability practices and behaviours.

Construction matters

Sustainable construction mattersThe thing is, construction really does matter. We in the construction industry, contribute 8% of GDP, driven in the main by the public purse. Given the current plight of the economy and the fact that many pundits believe the government should stimulate growth through major investment in construction projects, this could be set to increase and as an industry we’re all certainly hoping that happens. When it does, and I believe it will, it’s up to us all (3 million of us employed as brick layers, roofers, civil engineers, quantity surveyors and project managers) to ensure the tax payer (society) get the most bang, and thus the most sustainable solutions, for their buck.

So rather than opting for the safe and easy route of telling you about reducing our carbon footprint, I’m going to use this blog to tell you the story behind how we are delivering sustainable construction.

Many parts of the story aren’t new, because sustainable construction is not just about the latest new idea. Nor is it just about corporate responsibility. Interserve Construction is part of the wider Interserve Group which manages the whole lifecycle of buildings and infrastructure. Therefore it makes economic sense to understand how we support the communities we work within, whilst conserving the environment for future generations and creating places that benefit people.

Do the right thing

Ultimately, it’s about doing the right thing and about sustainability becoming so integrated into our systems and processes, it’s part of the fabric of what we build.

We hope in the coming weeks, months and years you’ll want to follow our story and provide feedback on what is an important subject that touches every aspect of modern life.

So you see sustainable construction does matter to all of us.

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Richard Jones

Richard Jones is an Associate Director in Interserve Construction and chairs the division’s Sustainable Business Steering Group. Richard led the business’s adoption of the EFQM Excellence Model Framework and was instrumental in integrating sustainability metrics into the annual business planning cycle.