The future of innovation in the facilities management industry

I have an optimistic outlook on the future of facilities management.

It is a growing industry with the potential to harness new technology and use research into workplaces to improve work environments.

Smart technology

There is the potential to deliver a lot of benefits through the correct use of smart technology. However we have to ask ourselves whether technology will drive efficiencies before implementing it.

The use of drones is a hot topic and safety has to be a high priority when using them. But if drones are controlled by a skilled pilot, to inspect a building or check the safety and security of a railway line for example, then time savings alone can be considerable, compared with having a worker manually checking those sites. At Interserve we have been trialling drones for the past six months and we will continue to look at their use.

Innovation in the FM industry

What does the customer want?

Regardless of the technology or environment, the focus has to be on meeting the customers’ requirements. We’ve set up centres of excellence for some of the areas that we offer facilities management services in to ensure that we are meeting expectations. We operate in a relentless marketplace, so the only way to succeed is to consistently provide outstanding service, while staying on top of developing trends and governance.


How do work environments affect employees?

Interserve is currently working on a research project, looking at the workplace experience and the science behind creating better, more productive workplaces.

Over the next two years, we will look at how the environments in which people work can significantly affect productivity. It’s about how employees interact with their colleagues, how the workplace is set up, employee health and wellbeing, and the significant part facilities management can play in that.

The future for facilities management at Interserve

The future of the facilities management industry is bright. While we are seeing a number of new facilities management opportunities emerging in the public sector and expect this to continue, operations have been growing within the private sector over the last five years and we expect to see even more growth achieved in this market.

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Jeff Flanagan

Jeff Flanagan is a managing director - commercial, at Interserve.