The future of SustainAbilities

The future of SustainAbilities

Since its launch over two years ago the SustainAbilities plan continues to be embraced by our business despite the fact that we’ve changed significantly; growing by almost 50% and moving into exciting new markets.

Tim Haywood, Group Finance Director, discusses why the plan remains relevant today, how the agenda is changing and areas of greatest opportunity for SustainAbilities. 

“Two or three years ago, perhaps the debate was couched in terms of environmental issues and carbon footprint. Now, more and more, the debate is around trust in business, license to operate and the delivery of public services by an organisation that needs to be trusted.

“For us, the work we’re doing with communities and the idea of social value is becoming more and more important as we try to demonstrate that big business isn’t bad business.”

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SustainAbilities – SustainAbilities is Interserve’s response to the mounting environmental issues, social challenges and economic pressures that are rapidly changing the business landscape and redefining what is required for companies to be successful.


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