Using the workplace to support employee wellbeing

Using the workplace to support employee wellbeing

The physical work space around us is often seen as a purely functional space. But what if we could turn this space into a tool that supports productivity, engagement levels and ultimately, employee wellbeing? 

Many of us spend a large portion of our days in an office-type environment. Our experiences within this environment can have a huge impact on our mood and behaviour, as well as our engagement levels and productivity.

Establishing a positive workplace experience is vital to helping employees deliver their best work every day, and continually inspiring them to contribute their knowledge, creativity and energy for the benefit of their organisation.

The workplace experience impacts employees in two ways:

  1. At a functional level – does the workplace and its infrastructure enable an employee to perform competently and consistently? Issues such as noise, poor lighting and temperamental IT can consume an employee’s energy and concentration, causing tasks to take longer, increasing mental fatigue and often reducing the quality of work being undertaken. This can lead to employees feeling unproductive, frustrated and possibly stressed.
  1. At an emotional level – does the workplace experience make an employee feel good? The desire to create a positive environment for employees is a clear indication that an organisation is willing to invest in its people. A failure in this regard can have a significant negative impact on the employee’s perception of the organisation and its commitment to their health and wellbeing.

Jeff Flanagan, managing director – commercial at Interserve, talks to HR Grapevine about using the workplace to support employee wellbeing. Read the full conversation here, page 10.


Workplace experience research

Interserve is approaching the end of its two-year research project on workplace experiences: The Science Series which looks at the science behind designing, creating, maintaining and evolving work spaces that support employee productivity. Read our reports here.


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