A guide to improving employee productivity through the workplace environment

download-the-guideWorking with one of the leading news publications in the commercial and residential property market, Property Week, we have produced a bespoke insight guide, exploring how the workplace experience can drive engagement and productivity.

The guide addresses a number of key industry themes and provides answers to a range of questions, including:

Changing expectations: what people want from the buildings of the future?

Across all market sectors, users’ expectations of the buildings in which they work are changing at a rapid pace – something that’s being reflected in the emergence of new guidance and standards. What do developers need to be aware of when creating the buildings of the future?

The data revolution: using big data to understand building users

Exponential improvements in data gathering and analysis technology are revolutionising companies’ understanding of their customers, employees and other stakeholders. What impact will this have on the property industry and how will data enable us to better design and operate buildings?

The security dichotomy: maintaining safety without harming experiences

With the UK terror threat level held at ‘severe’, protecting building users from potential security threats is more important than ever. However, a highly visible security presence can negatively impact the experience of the user – especially in a retail or leisure environment. How can property owners and managers ensure users’ safety while creating a welcoming, positive environment?

Energy and sustainability: how energy reduction goes beyond cost and carbon

The cost and carbon benefits of reducing energy consumption are well-documented. Less well-known is the positive impact that energy efficiency has on the experience of a building’s users. How do people feel about the sustainability of the buildings they use, and what do developers need to take into account in future?

Performance-enhancing substances: the impact of food on workplace productivity

A look at the importance of nutrition in health, wellbeing and productivity and the role that catering plays in creating a positive working experience for employees. What do developers and occupiers need to consider?

Read the full guide here.


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