Improving the workplace experience for employees

Improving the workplace experience for employees

contact-usThe idea of the workplace and the workplace experience has become so much more than the largely functional. It has moved on to look at the emotional; how does a place of work make someone feel? By understanding physical and emotional responses to a working environment, workplace professionals can design and deliver workplace experiences that support better performance.

This topic is important to Interserve. Ingenuity at work is our strapline and it is how we approach our service delivery; with intelligence, originality and innovation. We make places work better and we do this by really understanding what matters to our customers and their people. Creating environments that harness knowledge and creativity, and which also respond to people on a human level, is vital to commercial success.

Here you can read published white papers, blog posts and customer forum reports, written on the topic of the workplace and the workplace experience from across our business.

White papers:

Workplace research Workplace experience publication Workplace experience publication

Blog posts:

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