Let’s talk business: Workplace Online debate

Let’s talk business: Workplace Online debate

We are pleased to be launching the first in a series of online debates, live for a limited time.

Over the next three weeks this debate will discuss how important the physical space is in improving employee productivity, with two expert speakers – Andrew Mawson, founder of Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA), and Julia Lindsay, CEO of iOpener Institute.

One debater Andrew Mawson, will take the view that the workplace is an indicator in how an organisation regards its people. If it isn’t working or the experience isn’t fully considered it won’t encourage the right behaviours and engender productivity. For Julia Lindsay, the workplace is a broader environment that should allow people to give their best. The role of leadership, emotional and cognitive factors are essential, whilst other elements such as physical drivers can be less important to still achieve productivity. These are only two views though, we want to hear your comments and opinions too.

The notion of the workplace experience has gained more and more currency over the past decade. The subject has moved from the largely functional (are the boilers running effectively?) to the emotional: how does a place of work make someone feel? By understanding employees’ physical and emotional responses to their working environment, workplace professionals can design and deliver positive experiences that support productivity and employee engagement. Do you agree, or disagree?

We look forward to seeing your comments, tweets and blogs posts over the coming weeks, as the debate will be a chance to inform your views around the importance of the physical space in improving employee productivity.

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Jeff Flanagan

Jeff Flanagan is a managing director - commercial, at Interserve.

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    Workplace is the place which can fulfill the employee motivation as well as the work performance of an organisation to the fullest , enhancing a good ethics of the environment