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Car Meets in GTA 5 Single Player

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There are 15 possible different Steal Vehicle mission scenarios that a player can encounter when sourcing a vehicle to export as part of the Vehicle Cargo missions in the Import Export Update.

As well as starting these missions via sourcing them from the player's Office , stealing another Organization's vehicle cargo also becomes a Steal Mission. In this situation, the player is able to store the vehicle in their Vehicle Warehouse if they do not currently have the vehicle stored, or deliver it to the nearest police station. Stationary vehicle missions involve stealing a parked vehicle from a driveway, but complications may arise.

The vehicle will be parked at the location specified. As the player approaches, they may get a warning text message from the assistant that there are armed guards around the vehicle.

Once the player nears the vehicle, these guards will turn hostile. After the player takes a guarded car, pursuing attackers may spawn in pairs, usually in Schafter V12 Armored s or Kurumas.

It will blow if the speed drops too low. Keep up a good speed and we'll try and find a fix from this end " — Assistant instructions Sometimes an otherwise simple unguarded vehicle target will alert the player upon entry that there is a bomb in the vehicle. If the player drops below the target speed, the 20 second bomb timer will resume.

After 1 minute, the assistant will text message encouragement to keep it up. No NPC attackers will be present in these cases. The Assistant will advise that the vehicle is parked but upon arrival the player will discover that the vehicle is mobile and will be informed that an amateur thief has beaten them to it. There will be a Police Maverick and several police vehicles pursuing the car.

Once the scenario starts when the target starts moving, players have 15 minutes to steal the vehicle, but an on-screen notification will only appear for the last 5 minutes. Engaging the NPC driver or police with gunfire or stealing the car will immediately give the player a 3 star Wanted Level and they must lose this before reaching the warehouse. They can choose to attempt to lose the wanted level, or they can call Lester Crest to lose the cops. If the player retains the wanted level when nearing the warehouse, the stars will be reduced to 1 star.

Once the wanted level is evaded or removed, this mission doesn't result in any further pursuing attackers. The location of the car is unknown but the last known location will be sent to the player by text. The picture will show an obvious landmark, the player must travel to that location and steal the car. On the way back to the warehouse, the vehicle will normally be reported stolen and the player will gain a star wanted level which must be evaded before the vehicle can be delivered.

Mobile vehicle missions are simply about stealing a vehicle which is being driven by its owner. There is a 15 minute time limit from the time the player leaves their office in which the player must steal the target vehicle. The NPC target will not simply stop as a result of the player blocking the road.

The NPC will stop for traffic lights though, and can be car-jacked at that point. Their path may not encounter any red lights within the time limit allowed, so the player must then shoot the driver. A wanted level may be earned after taking possession of the vehicle. After stealing it, there is no time limit for the delivery to the warehouse.

If the 15 minute timer expires, the mission will fail but the target vehicle will continue to be driven. It can still be car-jacked but the player can do nothing with it after that. The vehicle will be located in a garage or porch of a mansion and the property will be guarded with armed security.

Only one of the guards will have the key which unlocks the vehicle. The player can either attack or can use stealth tactics and silenced weapons, reducing the amount of resistance. Once the key is found, the player will automatically unlock the car and can drive away.

If the player managed to avoid alerting security, no pursuers will spawn. If security was alerted while obtaining the key, then pursuing attackers typically spawn in up to 3 waves of matte-black SuperVolito Carbons and Schafter V12 Armored s. Some target vehicles may spawn at car meets with around 6 other cars. This means attacking via air is not suitable as the risk of blowing up the target vehicle is higher. At the meet, other highly modified cars and lowriders are parked, such as the Virgo Classic Custom , Buccaneer Custom , Futo and Dominator.

The majority of the people in the car meet are armed with a range of weapons, usually sub machine guns or automatic pistols.

Once the player gets near the meet, they will open fire. When taking the car back to the warehouse, more modified cars will pursue, vehicles such as the Pisswasser Dominator , Futo , Dominator and Sultan RS. The Assistant sometimes finds a "professional-looking heist crew", where the target vehicle among other vehicles is being towed away on barges by a Tug boat out at sea.

At these facilities, the player is given up to a 3 star wanted level , and around 6 guards will shoot - either Military units or NOOSE units depending on the location.

The player doesn't necessarily need to steal this specific Cargobob marked on the map - if the player owns a Cargobob and calls one from Pegasus or their hangar, or if they find one on a helipad, this objective will be skipped upon entry, and the player simply has to go to the marked destination where the vehicle is, out at sea. When the Cargobob is obtained, they will need to fly out to the floats and hook onto the target vehicle.

The tug boat isn't moving, meaning the car isn't going to escape or flee. If the Cargobob is destroyed, however, the mission fails and the props and the target vehicle de-spawn. The locations next to islands allow the player to land the Cargobob and snipe the guards, making the hook-up task safer. From the time the player collects the Cargobob, they have 15 minutes to successfully hook onto the target vehicle.

An onscreen countdown timer appears with 5 minutes remaining. Once the car is hooked onto, up to 4 pairs of Buzzard Attack Choppers will spawn and fire their miniguns at the Cargobob and target vehicle, causing a large amount of damage. The experience of the pilots is significantly bad compared to normal NPCs, where they often crash into buildings and trees. The next pair will spawn if both are evaded or destroyed.

The player can release the target vehicle whenever they are back over the mainland and drive it back to the warehouse. It is not compulsory to airlift it all the way, however the player has a time limit of 20 minutes from first hooking onto the car to deliver the vehicle. A countdown is again shown on screen when the player has 5 minutes remaining to complete the delivery.

Between the Doomsday Heist and After Hours updates, this mission was removed, due to a bug where in the sourced car spawns in the water, underneath the barge. This resulted in an instant mission failure as the target car was destroyed. The only legal mission involves winning a race bet. The target has set a target time on a point-to-point that he claims is "unbeatable". When the vehicle is sourced, the player needs to get to the start line marked on the map in a suitable land vehicle.

A carbon-black Elegy RH8 spawns at all start lines. Once the player is at the start line, a 3 second starting line countdown begins and then the destination and target time are revealed. They must beat the race time in order to get the vehicle located at the finish line.

Similar to the Time Trials Freemode Events , there are no checkpoints and the player does not have to follow the prescribed route to the finish line, although generally there are few viable shortcuts that can be taken. If the player doesn't make it to the finish line before the time runs out the player will fail the mission. The vehicle will not de-spawn if the player got within sight of the finish, but it will catch fire and be unable to be taken.

At the finish line, numerous people are cheering on the player, while the target vehicle is guarded by the owner. Regardless of the deal, the owner will still attempt to attack the player with a Baseball Bat. The car is now free to be taken. Once on the way back to the warehouse the player will be pursued by up to 4 pairs of enemy cars in imitation Fast and Furious liveries, such as orange and black or red Banshee Rs and orange or limegreen Sultan RS 's, with NPCs armed with Micro SMGs.

The target vehicle may sometimes be involved in a photography shoot. The vehicle will be found at a notable location and will be surrounded by a security team with silver Sadlers , photographers and models. When the vehicle is located, it is advised to use a Cargobob helicopter and land near the shoot's setting, taking out the security guards on ground and then pick up the vehicle with the helicopter. When delivering to the warehouse, up to 3 waves of NPCs in matte-black SuperVolito Carbons and Schafter V12s Armored may pursue the player and guards in the rear passenger seats of the helicopters will shoot.

The target vehicle can sometimes be involved in a movie production. At the site of the vehicle, a stunt ramp, usually with a ring of fire, will be laid out in front of the vehicle ready for filming. The player should take out the guards and steal the car. Taking the guards out using stealth methods is the most successful way of completing the mission. If the player uses a Cargobob and hooks onto the vehicle, the vehicle's boost will be disabled and the player will be notified. This way, the player is usually spotted given the time it may take to connect the vehicle to the helicopter's hook, however a quick success may sometimes go completely unnoticed and result in no suspicion and no tailing goons.

Like the photoshoot, the professional guards also have air and ground support. SuperVolito Carbons and Schafter V12s Armored with armed units will pursue the player after taking the car unless the player steals the vehicle without alerting security.

This is most easily done by approaching from under the ramp and climbing onto the ramp in front of the target vehicle. If the assistant sends a congratulatory text message that the stunt shot was successful, there should be no pursuit. This allows the player to deliver the vehicle with minimal damage.

In this scenario, the target vehicle is running laps around a oval or circle, accompanied by seven vehicles of the same type albeit unmodified. This mission is one of the most difficult scenarios to complete without damaging the vehicle, as the driver will not stop for obstructions and must be shot, hooked with a Cargobob or cornered and pulled out. If disturbed, pedestrians flee the area and all the NPC vehicles may exit the circuit, further hindering the mission and turning it into a chase.

The Assistant will advise that the owner of the target vehicle has been stopped by police on a routine stop or for multiple DUIs and the player should hurry and get the vehicle before it is impounded, however there is no time limit.

The vehicle will be on the roadside with 2 Police Bikes and officers. The player will gain a wanted level whether they choose to eliminate the police or not. The player must then evade or remove their wanted level before delivering the car to the warehouse.

The Assistant will inform the player that the vehicle has been involved in something "pretty nasty" and to retrieve it from the crime scene. The vehicle will be surrounded by police guards at the scene. Stealing it will normally require elimination of Police to avoid damage to the target car.

But there just seems to be something missing whenever you look at the car roster that the game has to offer. There are some fantastic cars in the game, no doubt about it. Grab This Mod. This fantastic mod adds plenty of new wheels to the game, mainly using the assets of the Forza Horizon games.

Put the file in your GTA 5 main directory. GTA Car Meet's.

Servers Reviews. Home Public Discord Servers Discord servers tagged with car-meets. Discord Servers car-meets Discord servers tagged with car-meets. Tags similar to car-meets gta-online cars gta gta-v racing modding xbox money pc trading events Bumped recently.

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A line of sleek sports cars pulls into a small parking lot outside of a Los Santos Customs garage. The drivers get out, take photos, and boast about their cars. This is the beginning of a car meet, a type of event enjoyed by thousands of GTA Online gearheads who love racing, customizing and showing off in-game hot rods. Even the police get involved. He is also the host of the car meet, meaning he decides the theme and meeting spot. Usually, the mandate is to let people show off their cars, no matter how expensive, in different areas around the city. Walking around, I saw a wide array of vehicles: a neon whip with garish blue rims, a light blue classic roadster, an all-white GTR look-alike, to name a few. Some were heavily modded, meaning that some players spent thousands of in-game dollars just to get their car ready for the event. Beyond the popularity of the movies, Rockstar has given out the Elegy RH8, a two-door sports car, for free. The Elegy has become a fan favorite thanks to the price tag, and a the fact it is highly moddable.

Vehicle Cargo Steal Mission Types

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GTA Online has become an expensive game, in no small part thanks to the number of expensive vehicles that have been added since I aim to answer that question below.

There are 15 possible different Steal Vehicle mission scenarios that a player can encounter when sourcing a vehicle to export as part of the Vehicle Cargo missions in the Import Export Update. As well as starting these missions via sourcing them from the player's Office , stealing another Organization's vehicle cargo also becomes a Steal Mission. In this situation, the player is able to store the vehicle in their Vehicle Warehouse if they do not currently have the vehicle stored, or deliver it to the nearest police station.

30 Best GTA 5 Car Mods You Should Download (All Free)

And that's part of what I think people love so much about the game. Sure, you can take your aggression out by shooting up a ton of things or people or you can go joyriding in whatever sports car you want, but there is an element of complete farce that makes the GTA franchise absolutely unrealistic. And that is what makes it the most appealing, I think. You know it's not accurate and you like that unreal feel.

Hi all, if your meet was deleted, please put it back up, sorry for any issues, if someone has taken your spot you had before come talk to me please, Thank you, have a good day! Just want to inform everyone that a particular ex-staff member who was recently demoted, due to friction with other staff, has taken it upon themselves to disrepute and ostracise current members of staff. Any false reports, spreading of rumors, etc. There will be zero tolerance for instigating or participating in any sort of 'witch hunts', regardless of whether it's against staff, prominent hosts, new members, etc. Please note that this does not prohibit anyone from making legitimate complaints of staff abuse. If you feel that a staff member is being unfair you're more than welcome to speak to another staff member you trust preferred or the owners.


I know there are a million different things to do on Grand Theft Auto V, but I seem to spend most of my time modifying cars at one of the Los Santos Customs shops dotted around the map. Unlike most games where you actually have to buy cars, GTA allows you to simply steal one, modify it and hide it away in your garage. Most vehicles can be pimped in some way, but some offer more customisation than others. Here are five of the best cars to blow all your money on. The DB9 over the Vantage. Almost every part of this car can be upgraded, ending up with a car that could quite happily rock up to a GT3 race. Take it to the garage and you can come out with lots of additional bits that turn it into a touge-bashing hero. Classic cars are very good to modify.

we do car meets and military roleplay! first 5 people gets free comander status We take part in full CAR MEET lobbies showing off our best cars, to drag races  20 posts - ‎18 authors.

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