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What qualities does a hr manager need

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Human resources HR is a great field for driven, organized individuals who are interested in helping businesses reach their goals and helping employees reach their potential. Almost all companies have some form of a human resources department, and as the business world becomes more and more focused on developing human capital, HR professionals are in demand. If you are considering a career in HR , part of your job responsibilities will be to identify candidates for employment that have the characteristics that will make them successful in the role for which you are hiring. However, at Concordia University, St. Paul we know that it is important to understand HR qualities as well. Read on to find out what it takes to be successful as an HR manager and to see if your own traits match up.

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6 Key Qualities of an HR Manager

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When we think of who a Human Resources professional is, we think about the qualities, characteristics, and the skills he or she possesses. The qualities identified below define the key strengths of a good Human Resources professional. You must have a core foundation in the many functions of Human Resources. An ongoing requirement is that you must be able to deal with the daily challenges that arise. You may have to resolve something as simple as an employee being paid the wrong rate of pay.

Or it could be a much more difficult issue such as a pending sexual harassment investigation being conducted by the Department of Fair Employment and Housing DFEH. Whether the issue is something simple or more complex, a good Human Resources professional must be able to resolve all types of issues, calmly and fairly. Being able to listen and hear what the other person is saying is a real skill.

What is the point? You must be able to deal with people in a friendly and professional manner so that people can relate to you easily. The majority of your communications will be verbal, but written communication is also very important.

Everyone goes to Human Resources for assistance and advice, so being able to communicate effectively is essential. There are not enough hours in the day for a Human Resource professional to be able to get all of his or her work done. As in any job, you have daily tasks that must be completed, but we all know how that goes. More often than not, you are faced with sudden issues that come up and require your immediate attention.

Some days you may only have one or two incidents to deal with, but other days your whole time could be spent on these types of incidents. When this happens, the daily tasks get put on hold. But at some point, you have to stop and play catch up. For this, self-discipline is a must. It is imperative that you designate a time to complete your most important tasks on a daily basis.

Knowing how to manage your time is necessary for survival. You will constantly have deadlines to meet and a heavy workload that may require you to work sixteen-hour days. This quality is probably the most important one that any good Human Resources professional needs. People will only open up to someone they can trust. They must believe that you will do the right thing and have their best interests at heart.

Along with trust comes confidentiality, because if someone is sharing personal information with you, they need to trust that you will keep it confidential and not share it with anyone else. Being known as a trustworthy Human Resources professional gives you great credibility. If you lose your credibility, you will have a very difficult time doing your job, since no one will feel that they can trust you.

As a Human Resources professional, you must be able to remain neutral. When dealing with a work incident or employee issue, you must be able to be objective and impartial.

Your personal opinion does not count—these types of decisions must be based solely on the facts presented. A big factor is knowing when you are not able to be objective or impartial about a particular incident or issue, so that you can remove yourself from the situation and have someone else handle it. This is especially important when negative scenarios come up, and you have to come up with positive resolutions. The good news is that you will get better at this with time and experience.

One of the many jobs of Human Resources professionals is providing training to employees and management. Employees need to be kept up-to-date and educated on the skills and training needed to perform their job. There are so many individuals out there who would do just about anything to have someone coach and mentor them.

When you provide these services, you help them to grow both personally and professionally. Knowing that you have helped someone and made a difference in his or her life is such a great feeling.

There are many other qualities that make a good Human Resources professional, but these are the most important in my opinion. I think these are some great qualities to have! She developed HR recruiting strategies and retention programs that guarantees the success of the company. To learn more about Andreea contact her on LinkedIn. Any HR pro, should, first of all, love people and view all of them very positively.

You are so on point about having to love people to be a great HR professional. You must be in tune with people and be able to read them. That is a very important skill to have. Thank you for sharing and identifying important traits an HR professional needs. HR pro should definitely be a master of communication.

Communication is key, and you are right is is not easy. You need to be able to read the individual, be sensitive to their needs, and diplomatic in your responses. I think we all need to be aware and want to improve on our personal self-development. We do have to stay on top of what is going on and the new trends. This is important and we have to be able to put what we have learned into practical use. Constant self-development is of great importance for any job, including HR-related jobs.

Nowadays everything changes so quickly — and we can only be successful if we are aware of these changes. We can only see successful results of our work if we make some real effort to achieve such results and constantly keep ourselves informed about new trends within our professional area. Before I started my course I dint know about HR and all those stuff.

Now I understand the whole value of it. Please take me as your friend and give some suggestions. What else course I need to study?

One of hr duties is training but am not good at standing in front of people all the time. How can i improve and gain confidence. Hi, this is Tina, I m working as a F. E since last 6 yrs. But i m interested in HR.

Is that possible for me to become an hr executive or HR manager.? You need to understand business. HR needs to know how companies work. A good HR person is a business manager who understands how to support the business by making the people part work.

I have even started my career as a recruiter. I just wanted to share that how people can easily excel and that is you just need to be aware about your professional work and your surroundings. I know that I will find great tips and great advises to perform better at my new position as HR. I do need a mentor that can guide through this new journey.

I am excited to explore, learn, and most of all I want to become the best HR person ever. This was very helpful. I am a recent graduate in the field of Social Work but am considering getting into HR.

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Quality of Hire metrics can help you make better hiring decisions and improve the performance of your staff overall. Posted by Andreea Hrab 6 years ago Employee Relations. Learn how using skills assessments can help you build a strong team. View Now. May 22, at am.

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Characteristics of Successful HR Managers

When we think of who a Human Resources professional is, we think about the qualities, characteristics, and the skills he or she possesses. The qualities identified below define the key strengths of a good Human Resources professional. You must have a core foundation in the many functions of Human Resources. An ongoing requirement is that you must be able to deal with the daily challenges that arise.

When we interview a potential new hire, HR professionals assess the candidate against a list of key skills and personal characteristics needed for the job. HR management requires an orderly approach. Organized files, strong time management skills, and personal efficiency are key to HR effectiveness.

What skills are needed to make a successful Human Resources Manager? The truth is there are several different qualities and characteristics that make Managers successful. These are the five most essential skills that are shared amongst all good HR Managers:. When it comes to communication, one mistake many HR Managers can make is to speak more than listen. Dismissing them without listening disempowers people from finding their own solutions and may actually make the situation worse.

HR Tools: Skills and Qualities That Every HR Manager Should Have

You wanted a job in Human Resources because you like people. But, liking people is not enough. There are many skills every HR manager needs to become truly successful. Here are 10 of them—and not one of them is liking people although that does help. You were promised that you would not have to do math in HR ; that's why you chose it instead of accounting. While you don't need to do as much math as you do in accounting, a lot of compliance work requires a solid understanding of math and statistics. You'll need these skills to interpret affirmative action reports, create turnover reports, determine salaries, and speak intelligently with the business people who are very number focused. Measurements to confirm the viability of HR practices and programs are more vital than ever. Compartmentalization is a skill that allows you to put your work into one box and the rest of your life into another, and never the twain shall meet. You don't need to make the divide severe, but you do need to separate work and home life if you want to succeed in HR.

The 9 Essential Skills of Human Resources Management – How Many Do You Have?

Last Updated on January 11, Smart companies know that in our modern service and information economies, people are actually our most valuable assets. As such, HR has taken on an increasingly front-line, strategic function, and is as important as finance, sales, marketing, or operations. Not only are you expected have to have a solid foundation in the traditional areas of HR expertise, but you have a whole new set of skills and responsibilities to master, and a whole host of additional considerations. Now you have to balance traditional areas like compensation, hiring , and employment codes, with new areas like retention, organizational culture, engagement, internal communications, leadership and development , and business strategy.

The HR department is the backbone of every company.

Filling the shoes of a successful HR manager is a tough task; after all, HR managers are responsible for keeping the company in legal compliance on an array of complex topics and keeping the peace by fairly and consistently implementing and communicating all company policies, and more. What do you think? This list is surely a starting point; what other characteristics would you deem to be critical to HR managerial success?

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective HR Professionals

Members may download one copy of our sample forms and templates for your personal use within your organization. Neither members nor non-members may reproduce such samples in any other way e. After more than 30 years in HR, I have some thoughts about what it takes to be effective in this profession.

Human resource managers oversee the hiring and development of employees so they become assets to their companies. Tasks vary by company; in a small business environment, the HR manager often leads a small team of employees and performs several roles. If you are a small-business owner who is looking to fill this important position, the hiring process goes more smoothly when you know the qualities of a good HR manager. A good HR manager will have education and experience, the ability to wear many hats, strong interpersonal skills, an ability to display objectivity and tact, be fair, approachable and reasonable with employees, have good leadership skills and the ability to negotiate and motivate. When you're looking for an HR manager, know that what he can accomplish is as important as his education.

Skills All HR Managers Must Have

Human resource is a discipline that requires leadership and management training necessary to build the skills that business executives are looking for. HR practitioners who have a deeper knowledge of relevant areas and more practical skills generate more opportunities in the corporate world. The following are the fundamental skills every HR manager must have. As an HR practitioner, you must be able to express yourself clearly, both in oral and written communication. The human resource field requires a lot of talking as the team is in charge of recruitment that entails a series of interviews.

The qualities identified below define the key strengths of a good Human Resources Human Resource professionals can't survive if they don't have excellent Resources professionals is providing training to employees and management.

It is impossible for a human resources manager to effectively provide the right human resources to that a business needs to succeed if they do not have a clear cut understanding of what qualities a successful HR manager must have. Successful managers are the individuals who are skilled at fulfilling a wide variety of roles and who can effectively encourage their staff to be their best. A successful HR manager will have a firm educational foundation regarding the functions of human resources. It is with this expertise and knowledge that they will contend with the daily challenges that arise in any organization. Effective presenters are lively and engaging.

Human resource managers are very important persons in whatever organization. They are important because they are tasked with the responsibility of hiring and developing employees so that they can turn to assets in their respective companies. The tasks performed by human resource managers vary from company to company. For instance, in a small company set up, the HR manager can perform some roles.

The perfect HR manager knows how to implement policies, protect employees and uphold company culture. A manager should have an open door policy, the ability to listen and encourage honesty and never, ever be found gossiping about the company or its employees. It takes some time to build up this trust but it is invaluable. They have to understand how to treat people fairly but also in line with company policies, and that means being a good person above all.

From putting out internal fires to serving as a makeshift counselor, HR managers are critical to running a successful company.

The HR manager is not a very big designation of course that you need to have someone with extraordinary skills, all he does is manages a small team in an organization to make sure the smooth running for the employees of the company to provide them with suitable work atmosphere. It includes managing the comfort of the most important resource of the company that is the Human resource by doing human resource planning, mind you this is the most sensitive resource for the company. Let just get an idea as to what are you looking at as skills in your HR manager. Company HR means should have very strong communication skills; he should be able to very precisely and effectively communicate with both the employees and the employer.

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