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This article should serve as a short course of savoir vivre for a man for his first date with a Polish lady. But it may be useful also to people who will be visiting their Polish friends soon or to anybody who is going to Poland. Read more about Polish habits in series of articles with advices for tourists. Polish women are perceived usually as pretty, feminine, with a good taste for cloths and elegant. No wonder that many men from different countries ask me how to deal with a Polish girl they have a crash on.

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Why is it always Polish women and foreign men, not the other way around?

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This article should serve as a short course of savoir vivre for a man for his first date with a Polish lady. But it may be useful also to people who will be visiting their Polish friends soon or to anybody who is going to Poland. Read more about Polish habits in series of articles with advices for tourists.

Polish women are perceived usually as pretty, feminine, with a good taste for cloths and elegant. No wonder that many men from different countries ask me how to deal with a Polish girl they have a crash on. Here below is some useful advice:. First of all, you do have to behave no worse than Polish men do. Polish men are gentlemen, they open doors and let women always first through the door whether into or out from the restaurant, store, car or through any other door.

The popular welcome among people both, men and women on a personal level is a kiss in right and left cheek. But do not try to kiss her in a cheek during the first welcome this may be seen as too arrogant and intrusive into personal space. Very elegant and old habit is to kiss a woman hand by a man during welcome. This habit is fading away, or it is being restricted only towards old ladies to show a respect.

But you need to know how to kiss a hand properly, if you are not sure how forget about it because the effect may be opposite from expected. Typical Polish men also would offer help to care a heavy luggage or suitcase to a lady. I remember when I was waiting for my luggage in Krakow airport in Poland after coming back from the USA at least two men were ready to take my luggage from the rolling conveyor belt immediately and give it to me.

It was very nice since here in America the equal rights seem to destroy good habits between genders women here are considered as the same capable to do everything like men. If you really want to win a girl's heart bring a fresh flower on a first date. In Poland flowers are given on many occasions like weddings, birthdays etc. If you are invited to visit a Polish house you are expected to bring a souvenir - usually flowers for a hostess, in some occasions also an elegant bottle of alcohol for a host.

Flowers, beautiful flowers are available in Poland everywhere, especially on the farmers markets. So, please, do not forget about a flower unless it is a winter and flowers may be just too expensive or inaccessible. If you go to the restaurant try to be elegant, always ask first what she wants to eat etc. Let her sit first in the restaurant.

Pour wine to her glass first. But do not be pushy and do not ask her to drink more. Do not drink too much also. Alcoholism is a social problem in Poland especially among the men. You may lose all your chances if you would be tipsy. The first impression is very important. Do not tell her that you love her immediately. Do not try to impress her by talking only about your achievements. Listen to her, sense of humor could be helpful in your first conversation.

Try to show that you are an intelligent, strong, self-assured but not too self-centered and self-confident and the most important show that you are protective of her. For instance if you would leave the restaurant and it would be cold and she would have only a light dress on offer your jacket to her. Pay the bill in the restaurant or movie theater at least the first time.

In Poland splitting the bill in restaurants is less common. Usually one person pays the full bill, the one who invites the others, and a man more often than a woman. Polish women are usually good cooks besides teenager-girls. When she invites you for a dinner bring a flower and appreciate the food. If you would try to fix food for her it would be even better! Try to learn some Polish words. Now a few words about a personal distance.

People in different cultures have different distance in which they feel comfortable. Poles like other Europeans and also Northern Americans do need to have their space, do not come closer than on the arm's length unless you are dancing or you hold her hand. Do not look persistently in her eyes this might be seen as intrusion in her private space. Be an observer, but a friendly observer and give her some space.

The last but important tip: Polish woman is usually not a modern type of a liberated woman. She takes a commitment seriously. So, be aware! Lubie podroze jesc Dobre wino przyrode zwierzeta jestem Zwariowana wesola zadowolona. Monia, 29 Poland. I like travelling a lot when I have an occasion for that. I like delicious eating and beautiful vie. Hi, my name is Paulina and I am looking for a serious relationship.

I invite you to contact me :. KontroVersja, 31 Poland. Looking friends for some talk. Diablica, 39 Poland. Mam na imie Monika. Jestem wodnikiem. Karolina, 26 Poland. Rozwiedziona, sama od 5 lat. Aneta75, 44 Poland. Jestem szczera I pracowita kobieta,lubie zwiedzac I poznawac ciekawe miejsca nienawidze falszu I ch.

How to Impress a Polish Woman

We have registered members from Poland New singles : 3 Polish men : Polish women : We reset profiles counter about new Polish singles every 24 hours. Yemen State City show photo personals only. Quick Statistics Find profiles statistics below about Poland members to keep track of new and online personals. I am Libra, cm 5' 9'' , 70 kg lbs. I am very positive, spontaneous, warm, witty, well-read, honest, open minded.

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Read on to poland out more about Polish men and what to expect when dating them. Whilst the church has lost some of its grip on society at large, people are generally brought up with the catholic faith in Poland. No pun intended, but as I wrote it I realized it was quite funny. All in all, make sure you talk to him about dating to find out man he stands, whether you are catholic or not yourself. And Polish women are quite fierce, so chances are they started poland your man well.

Polski mężczyzna

In the beginning, Bozena L. He walked her to work, picked her up afterward and was always concerned about where she went. In the style of many Polish men who love to act like gallant knights, he bowed his head and kissed women on the hand. But as he began to abuse her, she realized his protectiveness was really jealousy. Now 15 years later, after suffering repeated beatings, she has brought criminal charges against him and filed for divorce. But Bozena, 47, and their two sons still live with the man she has long feared. When her husband, Caesar, a burly year-old with a lumbering stride, came home to their cramped apartment on a recent night as Bozena sat with two visitors in a bedroom, he seethed with anger. He entered his bedroom, now separate from hers. Ever so slightly, she quivered. Domestic violence is becoming a public issue in Poland, a nation where the sanctity of the family is of almost mythical importance and where most homes are organized along strict patriarchal lines.

How Polish men flirt in the city of Lodz

Expat stories. Legal issues. Poles are consistently ranked as one of the hardest-working nations in Europe, but this stretches also beyond their workplaces. The chivalry is not dead — in Poland, a man in his prime will always let a woman through the door first and hold it for her, even in formal or business situations.

Due to the strong influence of the Catholic Church, Polish men come from a country where traditional values strongly affect life.

Having lived in Poland for 15 years now its quite evident that a lot of marriages between Poles and expats seem to nearly always be between a Polish woman and a foreign man, not the other way around. Why is that? We outlined some tongue-in-cheek reasons below and goes without saying that you should take them with a pinch of salt. They are all fun stereotypes but what are the real reasons intermarriage seems to work mostly in one direction.

Polish Dating with Match

The Poles have arrived in Britain, but are they falling in love here too? Certainly, of those who came to this country after EU accession, it seems to be the women who are more successful at forming long-term relationships with British people. And if they do, it's far more likely they will develop a relationship with another Polish person because they won't speak English. This was the experience of Philip Krawczyk, 25, when he first came to London a couple of years ago.

Published by Nina dfr — 3 years ago. Like I mentioned in my previous post, Polish men have a very harsh way of flirting. However, I must say that this is probably due to the fact that they do it mostly while partying, when alcohol levels are high and influence their manners. That's why today I am going to describe to you their behaviour, according to my own experience, so that you women who are coming to Lodz are prepared. Usually clubs get full of anxious Polish men whose profile is quite predictable. In Lodz, you will mostly find the typical hard featured prototype of guy, with a shaved head and the famous neck wrinkle in the back.

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