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Login with Google. Powered by wp-glogin. Statistics show that people are settling down later in life, with every generation staying single for longer than the one preceding it. Meaning, there has never been a better time to be young, free and single! In recent years, Glasgow has transformed into an exciting, vibrant city with a unique nightlife and is no longer just living in the shadows of the Scottish capital, Edinburgh.

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List of best dating sites in europe

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I am 43yo, and I have a flight already bought and paid for to Europe, in mid-July. I was supposed to go with a gf but her and I split a few months ago so I am on my own. I've been to Europe quite a few times, but never alone so I am a bit nervous. I have no hotels booked, no trains booked, no flights elsewhere booked, no contacts, no plans at all.

Looking for some great ideas here, nothing too expensive as I am a single homeowner back in Taxachusetts. Personally, I'm not looking for wild nightlife as I did that 20 years ago. I would love to see some sights I love architecture, not much for museums or art some festivals, concerts, try some different foods, etc. I thought about going back to Switzerland and doing some hiking but I think that would wane on me after 2 weeks.

I thought about flying to some place like Greece or Spain because of the beaches and the sunny weather. But I think the most practical tour would be to stick around Eastern Europe. Fly to Amsterdam for 2 nites Fri - Sat. Should I venture farther to maybe Copenhagen? Head south to Portugal? I'm a bit confused as none of the destinations you mention are in Eastern Europe.

All these destinations can be done in a train loop, by using the Eurostar between London and Brussels, and then back from Paris to London. However, London, Amsterdam, Berlin and Paris are also major airport hubs, so you have the additional option of taking short internal flights to further European destinations, including central and eastern Europe.

If you are looking for a mixture of architecture, beaches, good food and down time, I have a few suggestions. London, then a flight to Seville, combined with the loop of Granada and Cordoba which can all be reached by the excellent Spanish rail service , perhaps a train up to Barcelona for a few days before a short flight back to Paris. Perhaps you could add in Ireland too. Flights from London to Dublin are less then an hour, frequent and very competitively priced.

There are so many possibilities, it may help to get hold of a copy of the Lonely Planet guidebook called Europe on a Shoes String.

Please don't be put off by title! As it covers all the basics for a multi destination trip, it's a good planning tool. For info on all train travel within Europe, I'd recommend the very user friendly rail website at www.

However, if you want a whirlwind trip, this is what you will have. If you are going to to way beyond Paris, you may want to rethink your tickets.

I would check to see haw it will cost to change your departure place. That way you wont have to do any backpacking, however, if you plan your route, you maybe able to make a circular route and end up back in Paris, But what i would do is to use the departure point as your last stop that way you wont have to rush to get there if you have problems along the way and you may have some chill time there.

You dont have to worry about security putting your seat in the upright position Not alot of time to do and see much. People do sleep overthere too so you maybe a night person, but somethings wont be open at o dark early. Then you will also loose 1 full day traveling there. That may or may not be included in your trip, but you will loose a day. I travel for fun and to see what i cant see in my backyard. If anything i travel because my work give me 1 month vacation and i take advantage of it.

The last thing i worry about is work. If you need this time to clear your head, it may or may not do that. But you may want to consider the pace at which you are moving about.

Do not cancel. You want to wallow in post-break-up depression? Cancelling this trip and immersing yourself in the same-old same-old is the perfect way to fall into that trip. The theme of this trip should be "hitting the reset button on life. While I enjoy a more peripatetic vacation pace than most who post in this forum, your proposed itinerary is exhausting me.

You've got 13 nights in Europe. To me, that means choose three places to drop anchor at the very least, but four at the most. And by "drop anchor," I mean the places where you are going to book your hotel for the night and unpack your bags. For a night trip, a trip starting in Prague, going down to Vienna or Bratislava pick one, they're only an hour apart , and ending in Budapest would have been perfect.

Madrid and Andalusia, Spain, would have been perfect. Portugal would have been perfect. But we're not starting from scratch here. Save those ideas for next year and May or September are better choices than summer peak season. You've got two anchors already selected.

London and Paris. Let's figure out what works with those. Geographically, these places work. You will have a great time no matter which of these options you choose. You would not be wasting your time in transit between destinations.

And this is a perfectly nice part of the world to visit. There's no reason to spend a ton of time flying to a different part of Europe. Personally, for hitting the re-set button, I would minimize the time in London and, especially, Paris. They're too big. There would be too much planning involved to get to do what you want to do.

Three nights in each at most. That leaves seven other nights. Given everything you've said you want to do, given that you would prefer a friendly, sociable place, given that you don't have unlimited money to spend or else the Bay State government would have taken it , I think your best option would be Five nights in Amsterdam. It's a small country, so you can get out into the countryside via day trips.

Rent a bicycle and explore the perfectly flat city that way. That gives you two nights to go some place different. Luxembourg is a little off the path between Amsterdam and Paris, but it could work. Brussels is right along the path, but is there any there there? There's Reims in France, if you're really into cathedrals.

Bruges would be an option if it's not too Amsterdam-like. Now, if that's not going to work for you, I would strongly recommend that you NOT fly off to a beach destination. In my biased opinion, beach holidays are the absolute worst solo travel option out there except maybe for cruises.

They are boring and you constantly be reminded that you are alone. A manageably-sized city filled with sociable people is your best bet. You've picked a list of nice cities. A strange list I'd say of nice cities. I'd call it strange because many of those cities are the nice to live in but not really heavily visited by tourists. For example in Germany you could have picked Berlin or Hamburg. You picked Cologne.

The only advantage it has is the easy train links to France. Nothing wrong with the city I could easily live there. I'm just not sure I want to visit again any time soon. Fly to Nice or Barcelona. Four days. Fly to Paris Four days. You could take the train from Nice. The beaches in both of Nice and Barcelona are less then perfect. The ones in Nice are rocky. The ones in Barcelona are man made. But both cities have plenty to see and keep you occupied.

Or if you just want to zone out and grab a bit of beach. The other thing July is just around the corner. People have being picking flights for ten months.

You will dealing with all the families going on summer vacation. Higher prices and few available seats. Same thing with hotels.

Top 20: The Best Dating Sites in Europe

The Old World was among the first regions in the world to produce pioneers and adventurers. The wave of exploration that took off during the Renaissance not only made way for modern science and technology but also led to political-economic practices like colonialism, which gave many European countries a head-start in world economy. Europe is still the continent where budding entrepreneurs and professionals flourish side by side with family businesses and inherited wealth.

Best destinations Romantic destinations.

If you are a traveler like myself, then you may have wondered which countries are the best for meeting beautiful women. Well, I spent five years living out of a suitcase traveling to over 70 countries in search for not only the most beautiful women but also the best women to date for long-term relationships as well as some casual fun. I spent about 6 weeks in Japan and although women are extremely shy and reserved at first, they are also extremely attractive and dress sexy as hell. Mostly short skirts and school attire even in the colder months.

Our Picks: 10 Best Cities for Singles to Embrace

While meeting new people has never been easier than before, it turns out that a lot of dating luck depends on location. Eternally single? Compiling data on singletons, dating apps, social life and the opinions of residents, we have the official list of the best cities across Europe for single people. Or, at least a date for the evening…. With a large population, a lively nightlife scene and plenty of singletons, Birmingham is a top spot for a singleton. Dating apps are popular here, with a huge 65 million matches made on Badoo last Christmas period. Bergen is a city that has a large population of younger residents, which likely accounts for the fact that Norway is the 7th top Tinder using country in Europe. Slovenia may be small, but it has one of the highest proportion of singletons in Europe.

Best Destinations for Singles in Europe

List of best dating sites in europe I will help you with online dating arrangement and websites, italiano singles. Download this article will get you. Europe price. Dating also merged with match. To exclusive parties and only to start dating.

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I am 43yo, and I have a flight already bought and paid for to Europe, in mid-July. I was supposed to go with a gf but her and I split a few months ago so I am on my own. I've been to Europe quite a few times, but never alone so I am a bit nervous. I have no hotels booked, no trains booked, no flights elsewhere booked, no contacts, no plans at all.

The 50 Best Cities In Europe For Single People

Our charts, lists and reviews, guides and tips are free of charge and provide you with the accurate information you need to make the best choice. Many of the European dating sites offer free sign up or a free trial period. We hope you enjoy your dating in Europe, best wishes!

Bachelors all over the world of all ages dream of meeting and dating beautiful and loyal European women because these females make reliable partners, passionate lovers, great friends, and sensual girlfriends. In this article, we would dive deeper into the European dating culture, so you will know how European brides differ from each other, which traits they have and what are the best free European dating sites to meet and date these single ladies. Although women from various European countries differ from each other due to the peculiarities of their national mentalities, the community they grew up in, and their unique personalities, there are some traits of their character and behavior that are common for women from all over Europe. Most of the European women are very independent, ambitious, and smart, so if you date a European girlfriend, you would definitely have an equal partner right to you to challenge you intellectually, so you would never get bored in this relationship. On the other site, European women have quite traditional values, so they are very family-oriented in general and want to create a happy family and take care of it.

I have 2 weeks in Europe, where to go as a single guy? - Solo Travel Forum

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As for other activities, I would love to do some walking/hiking/biking, I would love to see some live music, and I would love to go somewhere that I can meet other  10 answers.

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Best Cities in Europe to Meet Wealthy Men

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Best European Dating Sites

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European Dating: Meet Like-Minded Continental Singles Today

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