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From their dogs to their love of food, there is a lot that we know about our favorite K-Pop band, BTS. However, there is one thing that the guys have continued to keep under wraps. However, none of the members have been in public relationships since the group was formed in The truth is, being a celeb in South Korea is very different than being an A-lister in America. In the States, the tabloids are continually looking for any whisper of a new rumor about our favs.



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It takes time for him to get to know you better and to get to know your personality. Also, he needs to find someone who is able to handle his statue and his fame, who is able to share him with the world. But he might judge you on your looks, thinking of all the things he finds pretty about you.

He will figure out that he finds himself interested into the things you have to say and once the two of you realize that you have quite a few things in common, he will actually spend his time backstage talking to you for hours. He finds himself longing for your attention and he will always try to steal you away from his friends. Once he figures out he likes you he will do anything to make sure to get rid of that innocent boy image. He no longer wants you to look at him as a young boy or a brotherly friend, he wants you to see him as boyfriend material.

When you are out with him and the guys he will try to get your attention by winning games from his hyungs or by showing off his talents. He would always make sure that he would be in your view when he does something like this. He wants you to praise him for it and give him compliments.

He wants you to know you can trust him. But secretly he just wants to be able to text you after work hours. He will start off by asking you something about a music show or some information he wants to ask you but he secretly already knows everything about.

He just needs some excuse to start talking to you. He will rewrite that first text over twenty times. Then he will start casual conversations with you. It will start off as every once in a while, but in the end the two of you would start texting every single night. He would make sure to wish you a good day in the mornings and to tell you goodnight before going to bed.

He would literally be glued to his phone. Of course his ego will be bruised and he will step back from you a little so that he can keep his emotions in check again if that ever happens. He knows that you treat him as if he is your brother, the same way you do with his other members. He takes his sweet time to figure out exactly what he wants to say and how he wants to make it sound. He wants his confession to be perfect and he will probably practice it in front of the mirror or ask his members for advice.

Even though he knows you like him as a friend, he is still afraid that he might ruin things by rushing into them and overloading you. But if he does really want to take you somewhere he will be very excited about it.

But He will bump his hand into yours when he reaches for the popcorn or his knee will brush against yours every once in a while. He would let you snuggle into him if you want to, but as soon as someone would start taking notice of it, he would be so shy. He would take you to watch the sunset, at a deserted part so you two can watch the ocean. The two of you would stay there until late at night, long after the sun has disappeared and he would put out a blanket for the two of you to sit on and he would gaze up at the stars with you.

He wants to capture the view, the landscape so he can use them for work. Yet, he will also take his time to take some nice pictures of you. He will take lots of selfies with you, making the weirdest faces. Nothing too fancy, just regular places he loves to go to. He would literally force you to go on every single one of the rides, even the wild ones, especially the wild ones.

He would buy the two of you stuffed ears to wear and hotdogs to eat. In the end he would take you for a ride in the Ferris wheel to enjoy the view and he would hit his arm around you and hold you against him.

Or he would take you to his room so the two of you could spend some alone time together. Either way he would love to watch some movies with you, or to simply have you laying beside him as he scrolls through his phone.

He would show you a bunch of pictures on his camera, often coming across one where the two of you are making a silly face. Originally posted by nevermindmyg. Your first kiss with him would come out of nowhere and would be very blunt. He might even bump his nose into yours as he went in. In the end it would leave the both of you flustered but giggly, happy that you were able to put this step.

He would be the one to kiss you spontaneously, like when coming up from behind you so he could put his arms around you and could press a kiss on your temple. His pecks will be quick, but sometimes they linger before he pulls back.

He loves kissing the top of your head, because then he can take in the smell of your hair and he can rest his chin on top of your crown. He will start of gently, innocent, until he will deepen the kiss and he will slip his tongue inside of your mouth. Sometimes he will press seductive kisses down your neck or jawline or he will leave open mouth kisses down your body. He loves it when he can hold you on top of his chest or when he can spoon you from behind.

But whenever he needs it he also loves it when you hold him and when you stroke your fingers through his hair. He would enjoy having you cuddled up against his side on the couch or noticing the way you had succeeded in falling asleep inside of his embrace.

He feels comfortable about being intimate with you in front of his members and his staff. He would probably end up ruining your make up every once in a while because of pressing you against his shirt to keep you away from Taehyung.

Yet, his embarrassment will probably stop him from straight out asking you about it. Instead he will hide it from you and he will wait until you would bring it up.

Whenever he does feel naughty before that because he saw you in a revealing outfit or saw you in a pose that triggered his mind he will probably help himself out.

But he would always make sure you would never realize what he was up to. It would start as a casual make out session inside of his room while the others are out.

He probably needs some soothing from you, to tell him that it is okay and you want this. After he is sure the two of you are ready to take this step he would actually be relieved, happy that he could finally get into this.

His eyes will be rushing back up to yours every once in a while, though he would be extremely aroused because of everything that is happening. He needs your guidance and he needs you to talk to him, to tell him what you like and what you dislike.

Once he gets the hang of things and knows how to use his body to make you crave for more he will use it in any way he can. He will be extremely horny. Yet, he will still allow you to take the lead sometimes. Actually it will kind of turn him on to get squirmy underneath you.

Surely one to spank your ass when he feels like it. He needs to see you lower yourself onto your knees in front of him every once in a while and the sight will definitely drive him wild.

As soon as he nears his release he will start thrusting into you and he would love to come inside of your mouth. He wants them to know he has a great sex life and he is able to drive you wild. He loves to brag about it. The risk would turn him on. Your sex life will never get boring. But this was taking thing to a whole new level. Not only had he created a big mess, he also refused to let you help him clean it.

It had taken him half an hour to wipe off all the juice from the walls in the kitchen. It seemed like he kind of had a thing with liquids today. It was as if he had pinned himself upon the fact that things were going to end catastrophically. Keep reading. Instead you found yourself in a club, with strangers curling in impossible directions all around you. Beer stuck on the fabric of your clothes and smoke inside of your lungs. And so it had been a mistake not to stick to your comfy couch and watch the movie you had intended to, just to fall asleep before it had finished.

But she had pleaded you to come and how could you not say yes to a friend? So for the fifth time you tried to get her attention and asked her to take you home, even though you were the one who was driving. She told you all about her one night stands in the past, you knew she was used to these kinds of things. Yet, she simply waved you off, just like she had done last time and told you to have some fun. But you were done having fun, by yourself, surrounded by drunk people.

As soon as we got all the boxes inside the worst part is over. Seokjin had immediately turned up the heating as the two of you had put food inside of the house, and by now you were both sweating.

It was one thing to run up and down from the car towards the house and back, but it was something else to do so with heavy boxes in your hold. And since you both had a few days to spare in your schedule, it seemed the perfect timing to finally get into moving out.

You realize we still have to unpack all this later, right? That zebra would have fit greatly next to our lamp. Thinking about Seokjin decorating even one room in the house caused your heart to speed up. Tying your hair up into a knot you looked down on yourself inside of the mirror. Your no make up, pajama, stay indoors look suited you quite well if you had to say so yourself. You were sick of the people picking apart every single piece of you. But that was one of the things you had to accept while being in love with one of the most loved idols of this time.

Everywhere he went, people knew Taehyung partly because of his outstanding style.

Charlie Smith — Pros and Cons of Dating BTS (Maknae Line) Warning...

Enjoy the content! Requests are OPEN. Monsta X Masterlist. Originally posted by ksjknj. Being attractive himself, Seokjin knew the struggles and the attention that came with it.

Originally posted by minsecretsoul. If min suga ever gets lost, he is probably just at the studio. So when you are having your doubts you catch him staring at you like you are a perfect fallen angel.

Treating you like a goddess i. Originally posted by ariescults. He also picks a museum that has an exhibition that he knows will affect you emotionally somehow. Will remember everything about you even the way you like to eat your pizza like folding it in half.

Dating Jungkook would include:

Treating you like a goddess i. Originally posted by ariescults. He also dating a museum that has an exhibition bts he knows will affect you emotionally somehow. Will remember everything about you even the way you like to eat your pizza like folding it in half. Originally posted by choke-me-namjoon. Look how would the sunrise is. The day is just as beautiful as the night and I want you to start each day feeling refreshed. Originally posted by mimibtsghost.


Originally posted by hosyuub. The two of you had been quite close for a while before he finally confessed to you. Over time the two of you spent more time together and tended to cuddle and mess around with each other a little more. One night, when you jokingly told him how much you liked him, he confessed.

Being on tour with him. You travel together.

It takes time for him to get to know you better and to get to know your personality. Also, he needs to find someone who is able to handle his statue and his fame, who is able to share him with the world. But he might judge you on your looks, thinking of all the things he finds pretty about you.

dating bts would include

I want to apologize to our followers for the lack of uploads to our blog. Admin J and I have been absolutely swamped with papers and midterms at school and have had no time for updating this blog as much as we wish we could. This blog will be dedicated to writing boyfriend scenarios, imagines, date nights written , date night ourfits, etc. You got this!

Originally posted by jinfesta. He loves to shower you with affection whenever he can, he always sneaks little kisses from you, and his arms are always wrapped around you, keeping you close to him, whispering sweet messages into your ear to bring a smile to your face. Since then, the two of you had been inseparable. Jin thought you would just be a drunken thing, but when he sobered up, he found himself keen and intrigued by you, getting to know you and spend more time together, he soon began to think about a little bit more. He was full of confidence when it came to confessing to you, he knew exactly what he was going to do without needing the support of the boys, even if they tried to offer it. He told you one night over dinner, telling you everything, exactly how he felt, not missing out a single bit of detail.

bts scenario: date night

Warning - None of this is meant to offend anyone. If a sensitive issue is touched upon, please understand that this is for entertainment purposes only and not meant to hurt anybody. Originally posted by morekpopmore. Originally posted by baepsae0. Originally posted by hosyuub. You turn away from the mirror without a second look, not wanting to get too upset. He barely managed to get the two weeks of rest to go away with you. You let the material slip through your fingers and to the floor, feeling revolted at the very thought of wearing it.

Nov 18, - Dating BTS: Kim Namjoon 1. Saying I love you every morning and night to you 2. Lots of nicknames but mostly variations of baby and you'd call.

Originally posted by hohbi. Originally posted by beatriceindre. Originally posted by ultranicolet. Originally posted by mvssmedia. Originally posted by queenwithcollars.

Dating Jungkook

Since this was frequently requested, here comes my headcanon for dating Jeon Jungkook. Originally posted by jimiyoong. Originally posted by kaepjjang2. Originally posted by myloveseokjin.

Я все. - Довольно, Грег, - тихо сказал Стратмор. Хейл крепче обхватил Сьюзан и шепнул ей на ухо: - Стратмор столкнул его вниз, клянусь. - Она не клюнет на твою тактику разделяй и властвуй, - сказал Стратмор, подходя еще ближе.

Сзади послышался возглас: - Двухминутное предупреждение.

Ущерб в долларах. - Нам нужна точная цифра, - напомнила Сьюзан.  - Оценки ущерба всюду приводятся разные.  - Она еще раз взглянула на текст.  - Элементы, ответственные… У Дэвида Беккера, находившегося в трех тысячах миль от комнаты оперативного управления, загорелись .

Итак, ТРАНСТЕКСТ вскрывает один шифр в среднем за шесть минут. Последний файл обычно попадает в машину около полуночи. И не похоже, что… - Что? - Бринкерхофф даже подпрыгнул. Мидж смотрела на цифры, не веря своим глазам. - Этот файл, тот, что загрузили вчера вечером… - Ну. - Шифр еще не вскрыт.

На мгновение Беккер задумался. Потом изобразил смущенную улыбку. - Неужели это так заметно. - Как ее зовут? - Женщина лукаво подмигнула.

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