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When you are finished selecting products click here and then proceed to checkout. It wasn't long ago when most American families enjoyed farm-fresh milk delivered straight to their homes. And if you happened to see the milkman while on his route, you were greeted with a warm smile and friendly "hello. That's why thousands of Oberweis families enjoy home delivery for fresh milk from our iconic glass bottles and many other premium products. No hassle, no minimums, just the highest-quality milk ready to greet you at your door.

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Your local milkman is online. Register today for a delivery of fresh milk, fruit and veg and many more items, delivered FREE to your home or office. Your local milkman provides a valuable service to the local community and we really are the eyes and ears of the emergency services during the early hours.

When you purchase from Milk Order Online you are not only helping to save the planet, but you are also supporting local farmers and producers, who for years have been struggling to survive, due to the financial pressures put on them by the major retailers.

Why not join us in our fight against plastic pollution? We currently deliver to all areas marked on the map, with new areas being added all the time. Please register to see if we deliver in your area.

All Rights Reserved. Hit enter to search or ESC to close. Milk Order Online Your local milkman is online. Shop Now. Our featured products. About Us Your local milkman provides a valuable service to the local community and we really are the eyes and ears of the emergency services during the early hours.

Want to try eco-friendly glass bottles? Where do we deliver? Why Should you choose us? What do we offer? Take a look at our range of products! Check out some of our products.

Register Today Are you a new customer looking to use our services register today! Register Now. Follow Us. This site uses cookies: Find out more. Okay, thank you.

Assisted Shopping - Find me a Milkman

Download the app for your local milk delivery. Support your local milkman straight from your smartphone — simply download the app from Apple App Store or Google Play to get started with your local milk deilvery. Register and find your local milkman. Registering your detail is easy and helps Dairydrop to customise your weekly milk delivery.

Your local milkman is online. Register today for a delivery of fresh milk, fruit and veg and many more items, delivered FREE to your home or office.

It was there for your morning tea, cereal or porridge and, if supplies were running low, a note left out at night would ensure more milk was delivered the next morning. Old yoghurt pots would be upturned to keep the birds from pecking through the foil top. Some people left little bottle carriers on their doorstep, with a dial indicating how many bottles were required. In some areas, doorstep deliveries are making a comeback.

Dairy on your Doorstep

Would anything be more welcome on a busy morning than a pint or two of milk on the doorstep? In recent years this traditional British sight has become as rare as a horse and cart delivering fruit and veg. No wonder the milkman — and woman — dropping off milk in glass bottles direct to the door is making a comeback. Around 5. Only three per cent of this is delivered to the doorstep. Glass bottles can be washed, sterilised and reused up to around 25 times. When bottles wear out they are recycled.

More than just a milkman

Discover the joy of opening your door to glass bottled milk and other delicious goodies. Enter your postcode to see if we deliver to you. E njoy wholesome organic yoghurts in glass jars, with fruity flavours to suit everyone. C heck out the decadent range of flavoured milks from T om P arker, including S trawberries and C ream and B anana F udge. Terms and Conditions of Sale Last Updated:

As COVID continues to have effects unprecedented in our lifetimes, people have been panic buying and emptying supermarkets shelves of stock, leaving some concerned.

We can only go out for essentials, like buying groceries and medicine, and exercising once per day. And the Prime Minister advised that we should all try to limit how frequently we are going to the shops for food. So, that means more people are placing online orders for food — but how about going more old school? Remember the milkman of your childhood?

Milk delivery

Good for farmers and good for the planet, the milk round is back with a 21st-century twist, discovers Emma Hughes. I reach for the fridge door reflexively, then I remember. Pulling my slippers on, I race downstairs like a child rushing to the tree on Christmas Day. There, waiting for me on my doorstep, is a cool glass bottle with a foil top.

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Please tell me if you know of an online milk delivery company who reuse glass bottles to add to the list. Mc Queens Dairies is a third-generation family firm who started their first milk round in Their aim was to update the traditional doorstep delivery. They pledged to keep its glass bottling plant and delivery service which now has a workforce of 1, milkmen and women! Creamline established in deliver about , pints of milk in returnable glass bottles each week.

Find your local milkman

Thomson Dairies Milk Delivery service. Milk, dairy and other fresh local produce straight to your door. To get started please register your account. Traditonal Glass pints of milk, Award winning free range Eggs, Glass pint bottles of fruit juice plus lots more. All fresh and from local suppliers.

We find local deliveries of delicious dairy milk, bread, and groceries across the UK. Milk Delivery; Fresh Bread; Groceries. my_location Where are you?

Shop our plastic-free range of convenience products such as milk, fruit juice, eggs, breakfasts, bakery, veg boxes and household items. Setup a weekly subscription and then add products to a one time delivery. Make changes to your orders up until 3pm for next day delivery.

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