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Get another boyfriend bsb live

On the occasion of their 15th anniversaries. These boy bands spent most of their careers being compared, for obvious reasons. Each group consists of five guys; both released their debut U. So read on, and feel free to speed past the dull stuff to get to the good parts—just like you would on the actual CDs.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: 1-31-18 Backstreet Boys Get Another Boyfriend

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Backstreet Boys - Get Another Boyfriend (Live on the Honda Stage at iHeartRadio Theater LA)

Backstreet Boys go old and new school with a marathon of harmonies in Detroit

As we said before, was an amazing year and we wanted to hear from you guys what your favorite moments of in the BSB fandom was. Also, sharing it with a friend, who is seeing the Boys live for the first time, is so much fun. Singing every song with her and dancing in our seats was the best. A lot of fans are probably using this a lot but i am to cause this was my best moment.

I chose my Vegas trip and concert from ! I had saved for 7 months just to be able to go to spend a couple days with my best friend there. We went all over the place looking at everything cause I have never been to Vegas.

I wass like a kid in a candy store. It was degrees the entire time we were there. Anyway fast forward to the concert. It was amazing. The songs were awesome the show was great. We had good seats except being so short sucked cause the guy in front of us was like 6 foot something. I screamed and jumped just to see if a backstreet boys would see me no such luck.

Then a usher lady real nice told us we should probably turn around and omg I freaked like a little girl. There was a platform like maybe 7 feet away from us and a.

Made me wanna met them here sometime in the future. I just could nt believe how handsome he was in person yes I knew he is handsome but oh my gosh seeing him that close was awesome. My best friend lovedd that cause he is her favorite. Saad part was a little after the concert was over. Bhjt it made my fantastic!

Bsb fan for life! My favorite BSB moment from is definitely getting to go to Vegas. Got to see my boys after 4 years of seeing them last. The show was incredible. They really outdid themselves. What made that trip even better was that I got to meet my fellow Kgirls Andie and Allison. Oh my God where do I even start!? I was so thankful my hubby agreed to go to Vegas with me back in March when they first started their residency. Since we were gonna be in town for three more days I decided to see another show.

I tweeted Nick about the ordeal not expecting anything and he replied to me!!! I got to see another show and was completely satisfied with getting to see them TWICE in Vegas and was content with maybe not seeing them until next year again.

Well that changed. Found out they were going to be at KTUphoria on Long Island again and this time they were headlining! Long Island is only an hour and a half away from me in CT so I had to go again got to see them there in as well!

They were in the 5th row but the way the seats were arranged there was nobody in front of us so I got to stand right at the stage. I was beside myself! I would be a fool to pass that up! I tried getting tickets the day they went on sale and all the tickets available were up high! So I kept trying and finally found resale tickets for 6th row on the floor getting floor seats at a casino are next to impossible unless you are a high roller or know someone who is!

Yes I paid a little extra money but it was totally worth it. Being able to go to a show with a fellow fan is nothing short of amazing. We had a blast of course and she is a huge AJ fan and we almost died when he stood on the seat directly in front of us to sing! When I got back I posted a photo on Instagram mrscohn48 of the boys saying how much I love them and how amazing they were as usual.

That just put the cherry on top to my I am very much looking forward to and hopefully a new album and 25th Anniversary tour! I danced myself off, waved my hand off, and screamed and sang my head off. Vegas was the highlight for me this year. To my surprise it was the show the next day that the boys brought Lance up on stage.

I missed it by one day! Nevertheless I had a blast and was super happy that I got to hear Undone and Get Another Boyfriend live for the first time! Oddly enough, it was only after that when I finally had a light bulb moment what the acronym stands for.

But I love it because hearing Nick singing it especially with my favorite lyrics on the song had given it a new meaning, adding much beauty to the song that it already is. Best BSB moment is the moment that I rediscovered my love for them. It started with a video from one of their performances with FGL. Spiraled from there into a fullblown obsession. I love my boys! Mine would be joining the nickcarter and backstreetboys fanclubs. My favorite two moments was Vegas and definitely seeing them in Chicago.

Chicago was amazing from the moment I walked in the door. Brian recognized me and gave me the biggest hug and then Kevin, howie and I talked about my sash kev called me out on? Opening week of residency in Vegas! Finishing weekend of 1st run in Vegas! Vegas Afterparties everytime with BSB! Everything with these boys and the rest of the fan-mily has been amazing. But my personal best moment was July 9th in Quebec City. Being front row in a crowd of close to people, the energy that night was amazing!!

JizBSB December 20, One was the way Kevin hugged me during vip after my father passed away… we both couldnt help but cry … I was also slugging in a gift for him lol pic. It was amazing I didn't have VIP but had a great couple days in Vegas i wanted to be lucky and run into a member but no such luck maybe next time if I go again. Below are your answers. Want to share yours also? Comment below!

Kayla A lot of fans are probably using this a lot but i am to cause this was my best moment. Mine would be joining the nickcarter and backstreetboys fanclubs — Cookie JustineJeanett2 December 28, Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Backstreet Boys 4k Get another boyfriend April 19/2019 Vegas

BSB Spain y Afiliate. Discografia Backstreet Boys. Backstreet Boys, Backstreet Boys - Backstreet Boys - Backstreet back - Everybody Backstreet's Back 2.

As we said before, was an amazing year and we wanted to hear from you guys what your favorite moments of in the BSB fandom was. Also, sharing it with a friend, who is seeing the Boys live for the first time, is so much fun.

Since the beginning of time, ladies have sought after the one and only AJ McLean. What shall we call it? CAMS affects some when they least expect it and others catch it when it is literally thrusting into their faces. While listening to album versions of Backstreet songs, you insert random yells. Any good Backstreet fan knows that when things get hype up in a concert, AJ gets hype enough to start yelling at random moments in the songs.

LOOK: Here’s the Setlist We Expect for the Backstreet Boys Concert Tonight

The boy band, which formed in , performed at Little Caesars Arena on Monday, August 12, to a packed house. Here's how they sounded, a look at the tour merchandise, the setlist and what fans had to say. The boys, who are now in their 40s, took the stage just after p. We're talking parts or all of 33 songs in two non-stop full hours. This show was all about their voices. It wasn't a huge production. There was no band, no dancers and no backup singers. Just a huge stage, some lights, two LED screens, background tracks and five voices that every BSB fan recognizes individually with their eyes closed. They only needed their voices as they put on an impressive display of both individual singing and harmonies. They had no problem singing each song just the way fans know them from their cassette tapes and CDs.

Get Another Boyfriend

At my most basic level, I am simply a lover of music so I tended to enjoy both groups. However, it was made clear by many of my friends that liking both was not an option — in a boy band war, nothing is more critical than choosing sides. Had I chosen the wrong side all along? Baylee Littrell has recently launched a career in creating his own music. The clip was sincerely adorable and I loved seeing how much of a support system Littrell was able to find within the legendary boy band.

It was released on November 21, by Jive Records.

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Backstreet Boys

If you've ever found yourself watching The Bachelor and thinking, this is great and all but what it really needs is the romantic addition of a classic boy band , then you, my friend, are in luck. As you're likely already aware, Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor is currently being filmed and boy, does that two time Bachelorette runner-up deserve to finally find himself some love , and it looks as though he treated this season's remaining ladies to one helluva show. US Weekly is reporting that a Bachelor group date happened at a Backstreet Boys concert in Los Angeles, with the Season 21 contestants being serenaded by, and even dancing with, the boy band on stage alongside Viall. I am so jealous right now, folks.

The group will headline two nights at the O2 Arena on June It's a welcome return for one of the biggest bands of all time, as the last time they played London was in at British Summer Time in Hyde Park. Since their debut the group have sold more than million records worldwide, with their album 'Millennium' becoming one of the biggest sellers of all time. If you're heading to the show you can find out stage times, the expected setlist and more below. Yes, limited tickets are available from both ticketmaster. The artists usually release a number of production hold tickets in the days running up the show - but be quick as they're usually snapped up.

Back Street Boys - get another boyfriend LIVE

Connect your Spotify account to your Last. Connect to Spotify. A new version of Last. Replace video. Do you know any background info about this track? Start the wiki. Backstreet Boys. Let's talk about one, baby You gotta here me out Do you really think you'll be the last to know what it's all about Let's talk about who you say Is….

Nov 21, - “Shape of My Heart” (36%); “Get Another Boyfriend” (35%); “The when they do the marching choreography in the live concerts during the.

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