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How to find a male dance partner

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Do not waste your time looking on ballroom site bulletin boards and their partner searches or classifieds. Below are the two most proven successful methods. With a little ingenuity, you can find out who the various studio owners and judges are, introduce yourself and explain your dilemma. It also gives you a possible chance of seeing the potential partner in action, and possibly meeting them to discern their worth.

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Why is it so hard to find a partner for dancing?

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Male Female. Height in cm. Dance style. Any 10 Dance Standard Latin Other. Competitive level. My postcode. Distance from me. Any 5 miles 10 miles 15 miles 20 miles 30 miles 50 miles miles miles miles miles. Sort by: Latest Activity Age. Posted: 19 Feb Competitive level: Amateur A Age: Highly motivated and devoted dancer searching for a tall partner.

Posted: 19 Jan Posted: 8 Nov Competitive level: Pre-Champ B Age: 17 - Posted: 2 Nov Competitive level: Pre-Champ B Age: 12 - Age 16, height 5ft6in wos, based in the West Midlands. Looking for Youth or Pre Champ part Posted: 5 Aug Competitive level: Intermediate C Age: 22 - Posted: 1 Jan Competitive level: Amateur A Age: 56 - Enthusiastic, hard working, committed senior 1 and 2 10 dance. Posted: 25 Feb Dance style: Standard with bit of Latin Location: ls16 5aw.

Fun loving, dedicated and passionate competitive dancer. Posted: 29 Jan Posted: 24 Dec Competitive level: Novice D Age: Posted: 24 Oct Competitive level: Medalist Dancer Age: Posted: 9 Aug Competitive level: Medalist Dancer Age: 36 - Posted: 24 Jul Posted: 21 Feb Dance style: Latin only Location: E1w 3l. Competitive level: International S Age: Posted: 8 Oct Competitive level: Pre-Champ B Age: 56 - Posted: 6 Nov Posted: 12 Sep Competitive level: Intermediate C Age: 56 - Taking regular private lessons with two teachers in absence of practice partner.

Posted: 21 Jun Competitive level: Intermediate C Age: Posted: 29 Mar Competitive level: Medalist Dancer Age: 22 - Posted: 26 Mar Dance style: 10 Dance Location: Preston. Posted: 15 Mar Posted: 1 Feb Competitive level: Beginner E Age: Competitive level: International S Age: 22 - Posted: 29 Feb I am looking for a 10 dance partner who can commit to a club.

Posted: 20 Jan Posted: 19 Jul Posted: 13 Nov Posted: 11 Jan Posted: 19 Oct Dance style: 10 Dance Location: CB1. Posted: 15 Aug Dance style: Any Location: Cheshire. Competitive level: Social Dancer Age: Posted: 28 Jul Competitive level: Pre-Champ B Age: 22 - Looking for dedicated tall male 10 dancer to train and compete regularly.

Posted: 15 Oct Intermediate Latin-American dancer looking for a partner. In order to provide you with the best online experience this website uses cookies. By using our website or services you agree to our cookies policy.

11 things you MUST do to find a competition dance partner.

So you want to find a dance partner to practice with? With a partner you will be able to get extra practice outside your dance lessons to review and perfect your moves. But where do you start? And how do you make sure that you find the right partner? These are some of the questions we will be answering through out this article.

For years I have been looking for a partner for dancing and have been having quite a bit of trouble finding one I don't care about gender when it comes to finding a partner although if lifts are involved it would probably be easier for a male but I never seem to find someone dedicated to dance. Dance is my life and it's what I love to do and it hurts me when I see people treating it like a joke because it isn't just some hobby you pick up cause you're bored and have nothing better to do its a part of you a part of your soul and if you want to dance and let it take over when you hear music coming from anywhere than finding someone to match that is really hard.

Looking for a dance partner or just someone to go to dances with? Leave your details here. You can use our Private Messaging PM service to communicate. Looking to connect with a lady who is tallish,non smoker,takes pride in

Dance Partner

Dancesport is a form of art, a partnership between two human beings that choose to perform together as one. Human relationships have always been unpredictable and no one has ever found a mathematical formula for success. Still, there are some things that can guide you when trying to find someone with whom you can be yourself and still grow , especially as a dancer partner. Attend competitions. That is where all the professionals gather to dance, judge, exchange information and bring to fruition new ideas. It is even better than searching at your local dance studio because there are so much more possibilities. Discuss stuff that represents the two of you. As we begin to advance in building a fruitful relationship you should feel comfortable and supportive of each other. We are not robots and we make mistakes. Your dance partner must know how to give critique in a way that makes you want to improve.


Please email me I you are the one. Thanks and Regards, Tracey. Hi everyone, I am searching for a male dance partner to compete in all all three styles. I am located in Melbourne and currently compete in recreational best lady, but ultimately wish to dance at a registered level.

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So, here it is, the no holds barred , no more excuses list of. If you are seriously looking for dance partner, work on becoming the best dancer you can be — take as many private lessons and classes as you can afford from the best teacher you can find, listen carefully to what they say — and then practice, alone if necessary! Knowing only one or two styles immediately lowers your chances of finding a partner. Do multi style medals while you are looking for a partner, to get you used to performance under pressure.

How To Find A Dance Partner: Ballroom Dance Partner Search Guide

When I teach jive or salsa and when I watch dancers perform there are things that seem to be common to the best male dancers I encounter. There is a tendency in salsa for example to do the former. In this case the man has a static role in the dance while the woman does all the work. Whenever I have seen this I am tempted to imagine the man removed from the dance altogether.

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How to Find a Ballroom Dancing Partner

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Currently on the site there is a "Tall blonde female dancer looking for a professional male partner for paid performances in Walnut Creek." There is Rosanna.

Are you looking for an Israeli Folk dance partner during a visit in Israel? You may publish here your request to find a partner. Radio Harokdim. Home Page. Contact Us.

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Finding a dance partner is more difficult nowadays because people usually attend dances as couples. This is probably because in the past there was no television or internet and people had only the pub, cinema, and dancing as entertainment. World-wide Dance Partner Search. I work at monday.

I live in the San Francisco bay area. I have my own ballroom business here so unfortunately can not relocate.

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