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The podcast features two Datto partners sharing the keys to their MSP success. James Fields with Concept Technology tells how his firm has sold 80 Datto devices in the past year alone. Jim Turner with Hilltop Consultants thrives with a focus on the legal industry, where selling the threat of lost productivity is key. Do you want to do a quick introduction there, James?

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Why a Prospect’s “IT Guy” Will Never be as Good as an MSP

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Successful men are depicted as never being vulnerable, either physically or emotionally. Whether you agree with that definition of masculinity or not, boys are not men. They are children. They are weaker and more vulnerable than those who sexually abuse or exploit them — who use their greater size, strength and knowledge to manipulate or coerce boys into unwanted sexual experiences and staying silent.

This is usually done from a position of authority e. What happens to any of us as children does not need to define us as adults or men.

It is important to remember that 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused before age 18, and that those boys can grow up to be strong, powerful, courageous and healthy men. Examples are found in our Male Survivor Stories section, and there are many others out there. Many boys and men believe this myth and feel lots of guilt and shame because they got physically aroused during the abuse.

It is important to understand that males can respond to sexual stimulation with an erection or even an orgasm — even in sexual situations that are traumatic or painful. Those who sexually use and abuse boys know this. They often attempt to maintain secrecy, and to keep the abuse going, by telling the child that his sexual response shows he was a willing participant and complicit in the abuse. Boys are not seeking to be sexually abused or exploited. They can, however, be manipulated into experiences they do not like, or even understand, at the time.

There are many situations where a boy, after being gradually manipulated with attention, affection and gifts, feels like he wants such attention and sexual experiences. In an otherwise lonely life for example, one lacking in parental attention or affection — even for a brief period , the attention and pleasure of sexual contact from someone the boy admires can feel good.

Most studies show that the long term effects of sexual abuse and assault can be quite damaging for both males and females. One large study, conducted by the U.

Centers for Disease Control, found that the sexual abuse of boys was more likely to involve penetration of some kind, which is associated with greater psychological harm. Many boys suffer harm because adults who could believe them and help are reluctant, or refuse, to acknowledge what happened and the harm it caused.

And that, of course, makes it harder to seek needed help in the midst of the abuse, or even years later when help is still needed. Studies about this question suggest that men who have sexually abused a boy most often identify as heterosexual and often are involved in adult heterosexual relationships at the time of abusive interaction.

There is no indication that a gay man is more likely to engage in sexually abusive behaviour than a straight man and some studies even suggest it is less likely. The sexual orientation of the abusive person is not really relevant to the abusive interaction. A man who sexually abuses or exploits boys is not engaging in a homosexual interaction — any more than men who sexually abuse or exploit girls are engaging in heterosexual behaviour.

He is a deeply confused individual who, for various reasons, desires to sexually use or abuse a child, and has acted on that desire. This myth, like several of the others, comes from the image of masculinity that boys learn from very early. In reality, premature, coerced or otherwise abusive or exploitative sexual experiences are never positive — whether they are imposed by an older sister, sister of a friend, baby sitter, neighbour, aunt, mother, or any other female in a position of power over a boy.

At a minimum, they cause confusion and insecurity. A gay man who experienced sexual arousal when abused by a female may wonder whether it means that he is actually straight or wonder what it means that he was chosen by a woman or older girl.

Being sexually used or abused, whether by males or females, can cause a variety of other emotional and psychological problems. To be used as a sexual object by a more powerful person, male or female, is never a good thing, and can cause lasting harm.

This myth is especially dangerous because it can create terrible fear in boys and men. Sadly, boys and men who tell of being sexually abused often are viewed more as potential perpetrators than as guys who need support. While it is true that many though by no means all who sexually abuse children have histories of sexual abuse, it is NOT true that most boys who are sexually abused go on to sexually abuse others.

These are myths that everyone absorbs growing up, and continues to hear as adults, usually without even thinking about it. So of course some boys and men will, at least for a while, believe them and suffer the consequences. So long as boys or men harmed by unwanted or abusive sexual experiences believe these myths, they will feel ashamed and be less likely to seek whatever knowledge, understanding and help they need to achieve the lives they want and deserve. It is never the fault of the child in a sexual situation — although some people are skilled at getting those they use or abuse to take on a responsibility that is always, and only, their own.

For any man harmed by unwanted or abusive sexual experiences — and anyone who wants to support him — becoming free of these myths is necessary to overcoming the effects of the abuse, and to achieving the life he wants and deserves.

The myth that sexual abuse is less harmful to boys than girls. The myth that most men who sexually abuse boys are gay. The myth that boys abused by males must have attracted the abuse because they are gay or they become gay as a result. The myth that boys who are sexually abused will go on to abuse others. Adapted and expanded from a piece by Ken Singer. Supported By. Privacy Notice Privacy Notice.

Myths and Facts:

Cybersecurity guru Brian Krebs tells CRN that MSPs and cloud providers are being targeted because the bad actors have learned to count on them for weak, unpatched networks. A California-based MSP was on a vacation, driving up the Pacific Northwest coast with his girlfriend when a customer called him with a problem that would end up consuming all his time off, and plunge him into the murky underworld of ransomware negotiation. Whether via a phishing campaign against random sites, or using powerful ITSM tools in a targeted strike, hackers have picked up the pace of ransomware attacks in , which has seen a five-fold increase in hits to government systems alone, according to the National Association of State Chief Information Officers. Cybersecurity guru Brian Krebs, who runs the krebsonsecurity.

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He describes numerous ways that hackers can access your data, how to protect yourself, and the shocking cost of ransomware. Like this episode? Podcast, brought to you by Axcient. Axcient, protect everything.

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Huber General Contractor. We had one person providing network administration, help desk support, IT asset replacement, and had out-grown our data back-up solution. The Purple Guys handle all this and more with several IT specialists working simultaneously, so we can accomplish more. Phillips Co. Call and set up an appointment for us to come in. Together, we can access your situation and talk about your needs. Every business is unique, we will design a plan around your needs. The best part is our fees are fixed, no matter your industry. Enjoy stress-free IT and the pleasant sounds of a peaceful workplace!

A Well-Powered Retreat: The Escape Lounge at Minneapolis Saint Paul

Last month, Steve Braithwaite was traveling down the highway near Adrian when a Michigan State Police trooper pulled him over. Without a roof covering him, the first thought that came to Braithwaite was how the delay was going to make him colder. According to MSP's Facebook page, Strouse checked the vehicle's headlights, brake lights, and taillights. I have no doubt he has done things like this his whole career," said Lt. For almost two years, Braithwaite has been traveling across the country in his contraption that he calls the Big Banana Car.

He is the most tech savvy person we have here. Many issues, risks and business implications present themselves when a company only has an employee who helps with IT on the side of their primary role and responsibilities.

Derek Mackay is under intense pressure to quit as a member of the Scottish parliament after being forced to resign as finance secretary for sending hundreds of messages to a year-old boy. Derek Mackay was tipped as a possible successor to Nicola Sturgeon, as leader of the Scottish National party, but he has been forced to quit the Scottish government. The year-old stepped down as Scottish finance secretary just hours before he was due to unveil his budget for , after reports he had sent hundreds of messages to a year-old boy. It comes more than two decades after he began his career in politics, being elected as a councillor in Renfrewshire in

MSP: Man falls on blade from Taser shock, dies

As much as the glitched rares are really nice, I wouldn't suggest getting them if you are planning on trading them for other rares, BUT if you just want the to wear then they are pretty cool. Awesome usernames are those usernames that are stunning, astounding and catch the attention of viewers in seconds. In addition to random usernames, it lets you generate social media handles based on your name, nickname or any words you use to describe yourself or what you do. In that generator, you just simply enter your name, things you like, important words, hobby, numbers or letters, and what you are like in each box.

A Massachusetts man has been convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the death of a state trooper. A Massachusetts judge has issued her ruling in the trial of a man charged with causing the death a state police trooper on the turnpike. David Njuguna, 33, of Webster, was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter, misdemeanor motor vehicle homicide by reckless operation, negligent operation of a motor vehicle and operating an uninsured motor vehicle. Prosecutors had said Njuguna was speeding and high on marijuana on March 16, , when he struck Trooper Thomas Clardy's stopped cruiser on the Massachusetts Turnpike in Charlton. Njuguna recklessly crossed three lanes of traffic at 80 miles per hour, all the way into the breakdown lane and at 80 miles per hour crashed into the back of the cruiser," Kenton-Walker said.

Stress-Free IT For Small Businesses

The youngster's mum also said she was relieved that Mackay quit after The Scottish Sun revealed details of creepy private social media chats instigated by the politician. But he ruled out speaking to the disgraced ex-minister. I kind of expected that he would get suspended or something. Mackay issued a grovelling apology and quit his frontline role just hours before he was due to deliver his Budget speech in the Scottish Parliament. But I would be happy to talk to her about it in private with my mum. It was actually a big relief when I heard he had quit. I found out in the morning he had resigned when my son sent me a text. That is my position.

³˘) AUFKLAPPEN (゚ヮ゚) Wenn du mich unterstützen möchtest ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Jan 13, - Uploaded by Shardrix.

Successful men are depicted as never being vulnerable, either physically or emotionally. Whether you agree with that definition of masculinity or not, boys are not men. They are children. They are weaker and more vulnerable than those who sexually abuse or exploit them — who use their greater size, strength and knowledge to manipulate or coerce boys into unwanted sexual experiences and staying silent. This is usually done from a position of authority e.

Finance Secretary Derek Mackay , 42, pestered the lad, 16, in private on Instagram and Facebook over six months after contacting him out of the blue. The Finance Secretary asked the fresh-faced teenager to dinner and offered to make him his guest at a parly rugby event after befriending him out of the blue on Facebook and Instagram. The openly-gay dad of two — who came out in when leaving his wife — liked snaps of the rugger-mad youngster in his sports gear and even pinged direct messages to him on Christmas Day. He is trying to see how much he can push it.

Беккер изо всех сил старался удержаться на шоссе, не дать веспе съехать на обочину. Я должен добраться до ангара. Интересно, увидит ли пилот лирджета, что он подъезжает. Есть ли у него оружие.

Сьюзен надеялась, что с ним все в порядке.

В данный момент у него только одно преимущество - скорость. Я должен поскорее выбраться отсюда. - сказал он. После множества поворотов и коротких рывков Беккер оказался на перекрестке трех улочек с табличкой Эскуина-де-лос-Рейес и понял, что уже был здесь минуту-другую .

Где-то в темноте, казалось, прямо над ними, послышались пронзительные гудки. Стратмор повернулся, и Сьюзан сразу же его потеряла. В страхе она вытянула вперед руки, но коммандер куда-то исчез. Там, где только что было его плечо, оказалась черная пустота. Она шагнула вперед, но и там была та же пустота. Сигналы продолжались.

В этот момент в нескольких метрах под помещением шифровалки Стратмор сошел с лестницы на площадку. Сегодняшний день стал для него днем сплошных фиаско. То, что началось как в высшей степени патриотическая миссия, самым неожиданным образом вышло из-под контроля.

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