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I dont need a temporary man-made deity

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The Ohio State University. In class this past week, we discussed the meaning of life. In this post, I would like to discuss the meaning of life based on Hinduism. According to Hinduism, the meaning purpose of life is four-fold: to achieve Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha. The first, dharma, means to act virtuously and righteously.

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10 Things You Should Know about the Garden of Eden

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Susie Larson on March 10, God puts dreams in our hearts and writes a destiny over our lives. And if we trust Him enough to take Him at His word, we will find ourselves on a journey toward the fulfillment of that dream. Unfortunately, the path that takes us to the promise is always wrought with thickets and thorns.

Nothing worth having ever comes easy or without opposition. Storms will come, lions will roar, and our fears will be confronted. God allows the path to be difficult because He intends on refining us and preparing us for our place of promise.

He is intent on extracting from us, that which our enemy would love to leverage against us. And so, as we follow His lead, we will at different times, find ourselves in a valley — a valley of decision. Marriages die there. Dreams die there too. We all have weak spots and areas of inconsistency in our character. Until we see Jesus face to face, we will need His guidance and correction. He wants to take us from strength to strength; from glory to glory.

After pondering this idea a little more, I envisioned a valley of dry bones. Bones from marriages, relationships, and dreams abandoned because many people refused to die to themselves, to humble themselves, and to let God have His way in their lives.

Trust the loving hand of your precious Savior and know that He will lead you to the other side. Instead, humble yourself and seek to understand what the Lord is doing around you.

Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God; in due time you will be lifted up and honored before a watching world. Do not give me the BS about the Bible. I have read it through and through. ALL my dreams shattered. He has plans for our lives?!?!?!? What utter crap. How many people die due to hunger because HE allows it. BS with this Christian crap. Praying for you specifically, Dmitri. Another scripture taken out of context. All things. Become a millionaire? Become president?

Hold my breath for 10 minutes? Float from one place to another without using my limbs. Get real!!!! Hi Dmitri…. The scripture quoted is for Christians, to encourage us. But if you really are searching God will open your eyes and mind to His word. Still praying for you! BTW you have beautiful birds…I used to have two cockatiels. Actually, the picture is of my only bird.

I used to know the Lord but then life screwed everything up. Rich folks go to church on Sundays and drive past the homeless bloke without any legs sitting outside. He does not want money — only some bread for himself and his dog. No support structures in churches. Church is a family? Hell no.

I have more friends outside of church than what I had inside. I asked for bread and the elder told me to get a job. Hmm, yes, I prefer to be unemployed so that I can go with dirty clothes, empty stomach, broken shoes and without medication.

Screw this. Do not tell me that GOD is with me all the time. He was not there when I needed Him. Plans for our lives He says!?!?! Are you kidding me. Do not quote scripture about His plans. I know the Word but it was never real to me. How can it be real when death is all around. How can it be real when, when you call out He ignores you? I can go on and on, but I live in the real world. The church has become a financial institution and politically correct.

Sermons are spoken about what people want to hear and not need to hear. I agree with some of your thoughts Dimitri. Humble,Serve, give, put people first, selfless acts, taken abuse from people in my inner circle. I know this guy who called me complaining about being at a VIP event and nobody noticing him. I would act like I belong there at that event! God has alot of people spoiled. Strip them of the house money and success. And yes I have listen to mega church preachers because I figured they would guide me.

But I got guided right into the valley instead of following my instinct. Because there are alot of idiots who are getting them. Along with favor and success! God is letting them mess up, screw up along the way. That would be very nice to have success and God allow me to mess up along the way.

And learn as I go. It makes you frustrated and question God. Trump, the corrupt greedy bankers, judges, The 1 percent ,and corrupt government people should be in the valley rock bottom. Not good people who are trying to do right by this crazy world. I think the wealthy hide there money in these churche banks. And pay the pastors to watch over it.

It sounds like you know what it feels like to be misunderstood, rejected, lied too and discouraged by religion or people.

How awful must it feel to patiently wait, suffer and try your hardest for something and never see it go your way. That same dissapointmemt you feel from him is what he feels also when he looks around at everything going on, except he trusts you enough to finally see that through your circumstances and be the person you believed he called you to be. Just a suggestion, try praying from that perspective if you still pray and see what happens. I almost given up.. I frequently ask myself…why is it that I have to experience countless rejections?

Then in July I started to focus on something else, tried to learn some new things, busied myself learning , studying on my own.. And at last just this October one bright idea past my mind and out of nowhere I have created an accounting program which eventually turned out to be in-demand in most of the businesses in our country.

Now things are getting clearer, and blessings keep on unfolding one after the other.. It was a miracle how in the world I have created a software without an exceptional skills in programming. I know for sure that He helped me. Prayers and faith can save lives, keep on praying and believing, I will pray for you Dimitri and Jimmy H.

May the good Lord show you the way as He shown me mine. In fact, there is a stone right at your feet. Why not command that stone to become a loaf of bread? The point is, Satan hit Jesus with this temptation at the precise moment that Jesus was hungry. He bides his time until you are vulnerable, and then he moves in with his subtle suggestion of evil. I know how you feel brother but God is not the one to blame. So personally the only time we are ever going to be truly happy is when we go Home to Heaven.

As Christians our hope is in Christ and eternity in His arms.

Why Did God Create Us?

This article is part of the 10 Things You Should Know series. Eden was bright and beautiful, and we tend to think of it in terms of perfection. But rather than thinking of Eden in terms of perfection, we should think of it in terms of potential.

The way to be right with God in every religion is by earning your way. It is based on works, not grace. Christianity is different from every religion in this aspect: all other religions including Mormonism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism state that you must earn the right to be reconciled with God.

And I don't have a God that I can create In the place I live with the money I make I have a God, He made everything So I don't need a temporary man-made deity When I got the real thing, I got the real thing He's the Lord of all the earth, the maker of all things He alone is the one true God Kingdoms rise and fall but even through it all He remains the one true God I don't have a thing that I got on my own I don't have a care that I carry alone But I have a God who's carrying me And I don't have sin that He doesn't forgive And I don't have a heart that is worthy of His But I have a God who still loves me So I don't need a temporary man-made deity When I got the real thing, I got the real thing Lord of all the earth, the maker of all things He alone is the one true God Kingdoms rise and fall but even through it all He remains the one true God Who is this King of Glory? The Lord strong and mighty Who is this King of Glory? Who is this King of Glory? He's the Lord of all the earth, the maker of all things He alone is the one true God Kingdoms rise and fall but even through it all He remains the one true God He's the Lord of all the earth, the maker of all things He alone is the one true God Kingdoms rise and fall but even through it all He remains the one true God He is, He is the one true God I don't have a God I can put on a stand And I don't have a God I can hold in my hand But I have a God holding me. Inserisci il titolo del brano, l'artista o le parole del testo.

WHY Would God Have a "Son"?

Some things cannot be fully comprehended. Infinite things, eternal things, matters of God's sovereignty—these transcend our finite and temporal minds. For example, why did He create us? Certainly He doesn't need us, for He existed in perfect love and unity before He even created time. Furthermore, He even knew beforehand that His image, recreated in man, would reject Him and His Kingship over their lives, resulting in unthinkable pain and suffering and death of all things placed in man's dominion. He foresaw ruinous mutations, debilitating injuries, devastating cancer, etc. We can only approach an answer to this unanswerable question by following the hints given in Scripture. In a more ultimate sense, God knew that man's sin would force His only begotten Son to die an unthinkably horrid death in sacrificial payment for man's sin, and that ungrateful man would even carry out the execution, for Scripture identifies His Son as "the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world" Revelation In order to accomplish this fully sufficient sacrifice, the Son willingly set aside aspects of His deity, and "took upon Him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men" Philippians , forever limiting Himself to bodily form. Why would He do this?

9 Reasons People Don’t Believe In God

Susie Larson on March 10, God puts dreams in our hearts and writes a destiny over our lives. And if we trust Him enough to take Him at His word, we will find ourselves on a journey toward the fulfillment of that dream. Unfortunately, the path that takes us to the promise is always wrought with thickets and thorns.

I guess I was an apatheist.

Limits of Religious Appeals. The bomber had lit the device, but was quickly subdued by a fellow passenger who heard popping noises and detected a burning odor. He was arrested, put on trial in U.

God is preparing you for great things

I wrote this because it has taken years to get to the point where God having a Son made any kind of internal sense. These are my current conclusions. Quick summary: Perfection is in an eternal state timeless, infinite, awesome, all-love, wowzer.

A Deity of Human Origin is an actual God created by humans or other mortal beings , or who used to be one such mortal being or several before becoming a god. Not merely godlike, but an actual de facto God who has created a universe or sentient species or performed some other feat worthy of a true god. May or may not still have a physical body. The mere fact that the universe existed before this character's ascension, implies that there are primary gods who have given a large part of them into shaping the universe and that this creature is most likely one of the secondary gods. It may be a person who was raised up by other gods, or a computer program that has somehow tapped into a source of divine power, or anything, really.

10 Common Idols in Our Lives and How to Resist Them

For we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, an house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. Job ,26 For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth: …. Psalm When I cry unto thee , then shall mine enemies turn back: this I know; for God is for me. Genesis In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art , and unto dust shalt thou return. Job Thou liftest me up to the wind; thou causest me to ride upon it , and dissolvest my substance. John ,3 In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so , I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you…. Hebrews For he looked for a city which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is God.

Thus, the man's declaration is that either his son is the word of God, or, for all practical purposes Categorical Imperative: don't treat people as mere food. While this is the son practices: “You'll have to make it like talk that you imagine” (). After the Being temporary is not the same as being meaningless or worthless.

I completely understand why a growing number of people are bailing on church. Even people who used to lead in the church often stop attending here are 9 reasons why church leaders do that. The church is far from perfect. Life is complex.

A Response To Christians Who Are Done With Church

Ядерное нападение было, однако, не единственной угрозой. Только в прошлом месяце благодаря ТРАНСТЕКСТУ удалось предотвратить одну из самых изощренных террористических акций, с которыми приходилось сталкиваться агентству.

Некая антиправительственная организация разработала план под кодовым названием Шервудский лес.

The Meaning of Life According to Hinduism

Основное энергоснабжение вырубилось, - сказал Стратмор, возникший за спиной Сьюзан.  - Включилось питание от автономных генераторов. Это аварийное электропитание в шифровалке было устроено таким образом, чтобы системы охлаждения ТРАНСТЕКСТА имели приоритет перед всеми другими системами, в том числе освещением и электронными дверными замками.

При этом внезапное отключение электроснабжения не прерывало работу ТРАНСТЕКСТА и его фреоновой системы охлаждения.

У нас две рыжеволосые. Обе хорошенькие.

В ушах у нее раздавался непрекращающийся звон, а все тело словно онемело. Хаос, царивший в комнате оперативного управления, воспринимался ею как отдаленный гул.

Люди на подиуме не отрываясь смотрели на экран. Агент Смит начал доклад. - По вашему приказу, директор, - говорил он, - мы провели в Севилье два дня, выслеживая мистера Энсея Танкадо.

Deity of Human Origin

И что особенно удачно - эту компанию меньше всего можно было заподозрить в том, что она состоит в сговоре с американским правительством. Токуген Нуматака воплощал старую Японию, его девиз - Лучше смерть, чем бесчестье. Он ненавидел американцев. Ненавидел американскую еду, американские нравы, но более всего ему было ненавистно то, что американцы железной хваткой держали мировой рынок компьютерных программ. У Стратмора был смелый план - создать всемирный стандарт шифрования с черным ходом для Агентства национальной безопасности.

Он страстно желал разделить эту мечту со Сьюзан, осуществить ее с ней вместе, но знал, что это невозможно. Хотя смерть Энсея Танкадо спасет в будущем тысячи жизней, Сьюзан никогда не примет ничего подобного: она убежденная пацифистка.

Распадающиеся материалы и нераспадающиеся. Есть целые числа, но есть и подсчет в процентах. Это полная каша.

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