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Chevrolet could yet extend their agreement with the Old Trafford giants, who have had expressions of interest from a variety of leading brands despite their current Premier League struggles. The progress we made on the business side underpins the continued investment in the football side. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. Want to discuss real-world problems, be involved in the most engaging discussions and hear from the journalists? Start your Independent Premium subscription today.

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SPORTS AGENDA: Manchester United launch their hunt for a new sponsor

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Written by David M Hobson. Want a heads up when a new story drops? Subscribe here. So pulling that kind of money out of thin air is bit of a challenge. Also, making sponsorship deals can take a bit of time. I first embarked on this task back when we were running our very first Kickstarter campaign, and selling our very first physical product, the Foundr V1. But at Foundr, we run fast and lean. And that is a crap-ton of books to sell.

And bear in mind, we only have a mostly remote team of less than 10 full-time staff, and only four weeks to pull it off. So I suggested that we should get proactive, make some deals and try to guarantee some backers by offering something more than just books. What if we could sell sponsorship packages on Kickstarter as high-priced perks to backers?

That way we could increase funding and use an asset we already owned — attention. We could offer brands or other entrepreneurs sponsorships, giving them some kind of exposure via our brand and campaign, in exchange for funding our project at a high level.

Nathan our CEO agreed on the spot and asked how much I thought we could pull in. And just like that, I was on the hook to pull in 50 grand, in addition to my day-to-day role at Foundr. So if you want to know how to get sponsored and rip money out of the air, ask strangers for money, and get a whole bunch of sponsorships…. Everything in business is a transaction.

You would have seen it. Not that different from rattling a tin can on the street. You will repel people with this approach. What are you going to do for them? You have something of value. Something I learned from Oren Klaff. What could Foundr offer that had value to other people? This is where the partnership triad kicks in, something I learned from Daniel Priestley. He talks about it more here. To summarize: In every successful partnership, every business, even massive brands like Nike, have something that they need.

Others will need to leverage assets like the strength of their branding or audience. Or it could be something as simple as your expertise, or even having an office space people want to use. The idea is to look at what assets you have that would have value to others, and help you get what you need.

Next, we made it compelling by pricing it very aggressively so that it was extremely competitive and excellent value. We knew that if someone wanted to advertise to startups and entrepreneurs, we could put them in front of our audience and as a bonus with a bit of an added halo effect from our brand.

If you want to know how to get sponsored, simply look at what you have that you can offer. Podcast advertising , social mentions, an e-mail broadcast to your subscribers, product reviews, creating content, products, expertise, member specials, workshops, events … what can you offer, that has value to them?

In the case of advertising or looking for sponsors, this will normally be specific reach and audience numbers. Next, ensure your offer is extremely compelling and competitively priced. This makes it far easier for you to pitch and sell — even if you are not very good at sales. Add in extras and be ready to negotiate. By the end of this stage, you should have an offer, in detail, that is well explained and well priced.

What will your sponsor get for giving you their money? That way you can always negotiate down. As we crafted our offer, we had a fairly good idea of who might take this up hint: the best prospects are people who are already buying what you are going to offer.

Charlotte created a list of who was already paying for advertising, and which podcasts they were advertising on. So that was a great place to start. She then created a list of contacts and emails for those companies. That was only prospects, so we needed a bigger list. The question was, who would want to get in front of our audience and be a good match for our brand? We quickly decided that SaaS companies and tools that were funded would a be interested in growth, and b have advertising budgets.

This was something I knew from my days working at Elance. A lot of companies have a great product, they have money for advertising, but they are looking for good engaged audiences.

Nothing fancy, just a spreadsheet. But pay attention, because things are about to get interesting. Time to get our hands a little dirty. No one likes cold-calling. No one likes cold-emails either … unless that email is highly targeted, compelling, and has something that they want. They have other things to do. Therein lies the biggest, two-headed challenge. First, we need to contact or so people. Second we need to give them an interesting, enticing message.

Now for a long-time I have been using a secret weapon. A little pricey, but I love it. First, you can bulk and personalize emails, i. That is a game-changer right there. The heart of outreach at scale is that it needs to be personal, otherwise it will be ignored.

People are always on the lookout for bulk messages, and they burn them on sight. But a Gmail, with their name, company, and email all referenced? Second, Contactually shows you if the person you are emailing has received, opened, viewed and clicked your email. You can then start a follow-up sequence to continue to pitch the deal.

The body of the email is crucial. It needs to be short, snappy, and not ask for too much. So the ask was just to get on a Skype call to find out if we had an offer that would suit them, talk them through their needs, and see if we could help. I also used scarcity by limiting the number of sponsors we would take on. That should be your goal of the outreach. Get an open. Get a response. Move the deal forward one step. After using Contactually to follow up, the next step was to have a video call with them.

This can get messy. They were busy. I was busy. Working in Australia and refusing to do midnight calls to Europe or the US seriously limited me. I used a brilliant scheduler called Acuity. It allowed me to easily have people book in a time with me when I was free , add it to my calendar, send reminders, and even force them to pre-qualify by filling out a form.

Just awesome. Highly recommended. From there, I would talk to people on Skype. Sometimes due to the time difference, I would be doing it from my car as I drove into work. There was no sneaky sales script. Being authentic works well, but you still need to ensure they understand the value of what you have and how that can help them.

You will have something of value that other people want. If you have any questions about sponsorships or closing deals, or even a favorite sales tool that I missed, please share it in the comments! About David M Hobson. Met Nathan on issue 3 cold-calling.

The rest is history. Hello I have a company based in St. Thanks so much for the very informative information.. Is there any chance for me to have it? Thank you for a helpful post. I am a digital marketer and I am partnering with a bike-sharing tech startup based in Jordan.

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Written by David M Hobson. Want a heads up when a new story drops? Subscribe here. So pulling that kind of money out of thin air is bit of a challenge.

A good way to find a sponsor is to attend S. You may also attend meetings, conferences and workshops outside your area. See information on your local S.

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We Went From 0 to $50,000 in Sponsorships in 4 Weeks & How You Can Too!

I reached out to an oldtimer in Alcoholics Anonymous, and asked for his worksheet on sponsorship. This sober oldtimer composed this with the help of a sponsee. For anyone new to recovery and the program of Alcoholics Anonymous, it is an incredible resource when looking for a quality sponsor. Sponsorship is not about relating to another individual. It does not matter if I relate more to members of the opposite sex. I must take the sexual component completely out of this relationship. Therefore a gay man might be best sponsored by a woman etc. Every good coach I have ever heard of was at some time on the field playing the game.

How to find an athlete sponsor?

Written by David Ancor. Sponsorship January 3 With the power of social media, athlete sponsorship is no longer only for world class athletes. Social media tools allow athletes to leverage the power of content marketing to find sponsors and get funded. As an athlete, all you have to do is follow the important steps described below.

Top definition. That lame nigga just bought me a new car

The Red Devils are searching for their next shirt sponsor for after the contract with Chevrolet expires at the end of next season - and their strategy involves sending out prototype shirts to potential backers. Manchester United are leaving no stone unturned as they look for a shirt sponsor to replace Chevrolet at the end of next season. United's poor performances on the pitch over the last six years and lack of success - relative to their lofty standards - coupled with Chevrolet's parent company General Motors feeling they overpaid for the partnership have all contributed to the car company's time as sponsor coming to an end.

Man Utd near world-record £70m-a-year shirt sponsorship deal with Chinese firm Haier

By Alec Fenn For Mailonline. Manchester United are reportedly in talks with a host of major global brands over becoming the club's new shirt sponsor. That figure was a record sum paid by a brand for a football shirt sponsorship deal and was double the amount paid by previous sponsors Aon.

Manchester United are pulling out the stops to find a shirt sponsor to replace Chevrolet, whose deal expires at the end of next season. Officials have been sending replicas of their red jersey to potential partners with their brand names on the front. They are unlikely to feel they got value for money over a fallow period in United's recent history. Insiders say sending out prototype shirts is becoming common among Premier League clubs. The hunt is on for a big-name sponsor to replace Chevrolet on Manchester United's shirt.

Sponsorship in AA – 6 Characteristics of a Good Sponsor

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I replied to one man's question like this: In regard to finding a sponsor, here are a few questions: 1. Do you currently attend a 12 Step meeting? If so, which one.

Хейл замер, потом повернул Сьюзан лицом к. - Ты вскрыла мою электронную почту. - А ты отключил моего Следопыта. Хейл почувствовал, как кровь ударила ему в голову.

Охранник покачал головой. Он долго смотрел ей вслед. И снова покачал головой, когда она скрылась из виду. Дойдя до конца туннеля, Сьюзан уткнулась в круглую сейфовую дверь с надписью СЕКРЕТНО - огромными буквами.

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Я знаю.  - Он улыбнулся.

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Городские огни сияли, как звезды в ночном небе. Он направил мотоцикл через кустарник и, спрыгнув на нем с бордюрного камня, оказался на асфальте. Веспа внезапно взбодрилась.

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Она совершила судорожный рывок влево и вроде бы закружилась в воздухе, а затем снова прильнула к центру лестницы.

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