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My boyfriend is my business partner

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Three months after we met each other, my boyfriend and I hosted our first personal development workshop together. At that time, we both have been studying, and the workshops have been a little side hustle. Looking back, it was a crazy ride and not the most typical path to go, but I am glad we stepped into the adventure of combining business and partnership. Now, three years later, we are traveling the world, spending However, the last three years have been a wild rollercoaster ride. We experienced more ups and downs than I thought was possible.

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4 Tips for Building a Business With Your Romantic Partner

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As an entrepreneur, you work so hard for your business you more than likely consider yourself to be married to it. Your personal life really ends up being about the business too since a lot of the heavy lifting happens all day long. And you don't leave work "at the office" when you go home. But what happens when you introduce another factor into your business life My husband and I decided at the get-go NOT to run it together. We were both hyper, very much the same personalities, and worried it wouldn't work out.

We also smartly diversified ourselves when it came to taking home a paycheck - a thing I didn't do for 3 years. John got a job and I set out to run the company. Fast forward 10 years, the company was still growing albeit a bit slower and I asked John to come in and run marketing. It was great since I really needed the help and I know he'd do an amazing job.

When it was John's turn to run a meeting I was invited to, I sat back and listened. I offered suggestions but I wasn't the one making decisions, he was. If people looked at me to make a decision, I forwarded them to John for him to help make it. We successfully sold that company and he and I transitioned out, this time to start Dasheroo.

John started Dasheroo before I joined and the company, when we had just a few people. They were building a great product and needed it to start gaining momentum. The last 5 years of working together has really taught us a bunch and it's working out!

Is it always rosey? We have our moments. But here's how we make it work. It's important to really understand the business mind and process of your spouse. It might be totally different than in their personal space. Is there a ton of data needed to make a decision or do they make decisions quick and off the cuff?

How do you relate to that? Knowing how they work is the key to a happy work relationship. Because we've worked together before this we get each other. For instance I know that if I have an idea that I think John might not be down with, I still float it out there. John on the other hand knows that I'm a firehose of ideas all the time so he has to put me "on hold" while he has time to filter them.

We get it. Decision-making by consensus sounds like a dream, but you can't make everyone happy in a business relationship. And the person at the top needs to be the one making tough decisions, and living with them. All of the co-founders weigh in on important decisions at Dasheroo but we all know ultimately it's John's call.

But John understands his limitations; if it has something to do with technology or something not in his wheelhouse, he relies on the experts on the team to make calls. Plus, it is imperative your team is very clear on this as well.

You cannot afford to have your team doubt who is in charge of which aspects of the business. Your role in the company and your spouse has to be made clear to both of you from the start. Define what you will do, how you will contribute to the overall success of the company and make it happen! On the marketing side, that's my jam. Although it's John's background as well, he lays off when needed but offers great suggestions when appropriate.

On a running the business side of things I'm always around to offer advice if needed. But that's his role. Even with a clear definition of roles it doesn't mean you don't help each other. John edits all of the articles I write and helps me sound a lot better than if I didn't run it by him.

And when John asks me for help I drop what I'm doing to chime in. You need to be honest with your spouse, especially if it's something they might not want to hear and you don't want to talk about. Maybe you don't think you're going to hit your revenue target but she still thinks you are? If you're the one who has more data than you spouse you need to be honest. Maybe the way your spouse talks to your team members isn't professional and it makes people uncomfortable.

You need to tell them. A few months ago John told me I needed to do more for the company. I was shocked, knowing I was spending countless hours on growing a customer base. But I was doing the wrong things. I was doing things I needed someone else to do for me instead. It was a really tough conversation but I was finding myself in a bottleneck not knowing how to get out.

Finally I put myself on the right track, quickly. Was it easy to hear? Worse from him? You bet but he was right and we're in a better spot for it. You need to understand every aspect of how your spouse works and be ok with it. You need an open and honest line of communications and you need to try your best at separating your work life from your business life. And never, never allow your personal relationship adversely affect your team or business!

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In a Relationship With an Entrepreneur? Here Are 10 Things You Should Never Say.

A match made in heaven or hell…you decide! For a long while, I wished Jonathan would get better at the strategizing and planning of his business ventures. As with most households, agreeing on and maintaining certain boundaries helps keep the peace. When you live, sleep, parent and work with your other half, there are even more potential boundaries to be crossed. Any entrepreneur knows how easy it is to let your business take over your life.

Now, throw a business partner into the mix who also happens to be your romantic partner, and things can get REALLY interesting. After being in a committed relationship for about 8 years and freelancing separately for most of them, we finally decided to join forces and start a business together.

My boyfriend of five years told me today that he started a business with a female former co-worker. They are opening a bar together, which I knew was a dream of his, but he kept the business dealings from me for the last year. This woman has been a point of contention in our relationship. I'm ready to leave him, but he says he had to ensure that his business venture didn't get out in order to protect the job he just resigned from to open this bar.

How to Successfully Run a Business with Your Better Half

An award-winning team of journalists, designers, and videographers who tell brand stories through Fast Company's distinctive lens. Leaders who are shaping the future of business in creative ways. New workplaces, new food sources, new medicine--even an entirely new economic system. My partner Natalia and I started dating about three years ago. Working with each other has been one of the most rewarding professional experiences either of us have had. The first and most important decision we made was whether this was something we actually wanted. We started by working together on some small projects. Over time, we increased our shared workload and did some consulting together. After a few months of things going smoothly, we dove in all the way. By no means is that an easy thing to choose.

How to make going into business with a significant other work

As an entrepreneur, you work so hard for your business you more than likely consider yourself to be married to it. Your personal life really ends up being about the business too since a lot of the heavy lifting happens all day long. And you don't leave work "at the office" when you go home. But what happens when you introduce another factor into your business life My husband and I decided at the get-go NOT to run it together.

Entrepreneurs are a unique blend of risk -takers, mad scientists, hope addicts, inventors and magicians. They can make incredible love partners if you know how to crack the code that unlocks their love and devotion.

They say for better or worse, for richer or poorer but no one ever mentions at the office AND at home, do they? Now whether you made those vows or not, I know the thought has crossed your mind…. I worked with him for just over 13 years and we owned a company together for 16 years.

Should couples go into business together?

For better or for worse, most couples have distinct roles in their relationships. In my experience, defined roles in a relationship usually lead to unmet expectations, which in turn leads to unhappiness. Entrepreneurship can be exhausting because you wear a lot hats and essentially have a bunch of roles. The easiest way to define your roles is by starting with your strengths.

Kim Leach and her ex-husband were high-school sweethearts. But after 21 years together — 16 of them wedded — a series of rough patches led to their divorce. For these couples, divorce throws a wrench into business management. Leamon helped Nerdwallet identify three common ways joint owners might deal with a business during the divorce process, and when to consider each. Leach took this route, and her husband bought her out of their Oklahoma fitness center. Consider the future: The longer the payment period, the more likely it is that the spouse who keeps the business will default on payments or shut it down.

Couples in business: Should you do it?

An entrepreneurial couple I know engages in an unusual practice each time one of them is about to join a new start-up: They invite the founders over for dinner with their family, which includes two young children. They want their future colleagues to know their spouse and children. Studies have shown that this sort of practice is both wise and extremely practical. It turns out that if your spouse dislikes your friends--even if it's only one friend--that will likely have a negative impact on your marriage. Tension with your social circles can lead to conflict in your romantic relationship. Your significant other may judge you by the company you keep; he or she could also be threatened by or jealous of your friends.

Three months after we met each other, my boyfriend and I hosted our first When running a business together with your partner, it might be appealing to accept.

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What to Do When Your Ex Is Your Business Partner

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4 Tips for Going Into Business With Your Significant Other

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