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Most of you have heard about the tragic deaths of 12 innocent people who were murdered in a movie theater a few weeks ago in Aurora, Colorado. The gunman also wounded 58 others in a random and vicious act of violence. One of the victims, Ashley Moser, was pregnant and hit twice in the abdomen. She remains paralyzed, and sadly, she miscarried the baby.

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It’s Not a Woman’s Job to Protect a Man’s Virtue

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Most of you have heard about the tragic deaths of 12 innocent people who were murdered in a movie theater a few weeks ago in Aurora, Colorado. The gunman also wounded 58 others in a random and vicious act of violence. One of the victims, Ashley Moser, was pregnant and hit twice in the abdomen.

She remains paralyzed, and sadly, she miscarried the baby. Tragically, her six-year-old daughter, Veronica Moser Sullivan, was the youngest to die. One man lost an eye and appears to have suffered brain damage. Amidst the carnage in Aurora were examples of heroism and self-sacrifice. Five men died trying to protect women. They were:. Jon Blunk shielded his year-old girlfriend by pushing her under the seat to keep her out of the line of fire.

She lived. He died. Alex Tevos also died protecting his girlfriend, Amanda Lindgren. She was not hit. He was mortally wounded. John Larimer, U. Navy Petty Officer 3rd class, jumped over his seat to protect his girlfriend, Julia Vojtsek. She survived. Matthew McQuinn dove on top of his girlfriend, Samantha Yowler.

Jesse Childress, an Air Force Reservist, dove in front of a female service member, sacrificing his life for hers. How can we explain the willingness of these men to die in an effort to protect women? Was it coincidental that of the 12 people who were killed that night in Aurora, eight of them were men? I think not. Most men have a natural instinct to protect women in threatening circumstances.

History is replete with accounts of this kind of male sacrifice and courage. I wrote about this masculine characteristic in my book, Bringing Up Boys , as it was exhibited dramatically the night the Titanic went down. I wrote,. Inspirational films from the past have dramatized the moral strength and heroism of men, such as Mutiny on the Bounty and Good-Bye Mr.

That genre gave way in the seventies and eighties to man-hating diatribes such as Thelma and Louise and Nine to Five. Her character revealed no religious conviction at all, which is curious given the Christian origin of her story. Instead, she was a tough female military strategist who led her male subordinates to war. Maleness in such movies is almost always depicted in subservient and weak roles.

Even when popular films are not specifically hostile to men, they often undermine respect for masculinity in one way or another. A classic example of this bias was seen in the top-grossing movie of , Titanic. It retold the tragic story of the great ocean liner that sank on April 15, On that frigid night, 1, people either drowned or froze to death near the Arctic Circle.

Thus, an ambitious effort was launched to retrieve artifacts and memorabilia from the bottom. To date, the explorers and oceanographers have brought back an impressive number of fascinating objects. My wife, Shirley, and I were fortunate to visit an exhibit in Boston that displayed some of the articles that have been recovered and preserved.

We walked silently and almost reverently among the former possessions of those who died so long ago. Several photographs and letters also survived, having been kept in watertight suitcases or safes. It was a very emotional experience for Shirley and me, as we tried to imagine what the unfortunate passengers had gone through and what their final minutes must have been like.

Then we came to the last room of the exhibit, where the names of those who died were inscribed in alphabetical order on glass plates. What struck us both was the rarity of females on the list. Indeed, 1, men died on that tragic night but only women and 56 boys and girls. Because, with very few exceptions, husbands and fathers gave their lives to save their wives and children.

Those doomed men disappeared into the icy waters of the Atlantic in order that their loved ones might survive to see another day. I was discussing this historic event recently with a young author, Ned Ryun, son of U. Congressman Jim Ryun. He sent me a written account of Rev. John Harper of Glasgow, Scotland, who was on the Titanic the night it sank. Soon he was immersed in the chilly waters of the Atlantic. Harper cried out one last time and with that, slipped beneath the waves.

The young man clinging to the board was rescued and was later to testify that he had indeed been saved that night, not only by a rescuing ship, but by the words of John Harper. There were many such accounts of masculine heroism that occurred as the great ship was going down.

Unfortunately, James Cameron, who directed Titanic , chose to ignore them. Instead, he depicted the doomed men as cowardly and panic-stricken. In his version, hundreds of male passengers were kept out of the lifeboats at gunpoint. One man was shown sneaking past women and children and grabbing one of the precious seats. History confirms that while there were a few men who behaved dishonorably, most did not. Only men survived the sinking, and some of them were stewards who were assigned to take charge of the small craft.

When rebuffed, he grabbed a child and jumped onboard. There can be no doubt that Cameron wanted us to think that most of the male passengers would have stormed past the women and children if given an opportunity. As such, he tarnished the memories of perhaps a thousand men who stayed behind voluntarily. Rarely is an opportunity missed to show males as self-serving, dishonest, misogynous, or to otherwise present them in a disrespectful manner.

This is the way the game is played today. Television sitcoms also blast away at traditional masculinity, much like a wrecking ball crashing into a building.

After enough direct hits, the structure begins to crumble. There is not a single example, as I write, of a healthy family depicted on network programming that includes a masculine guy who loves his kids and is respected by his wife. The lead characters are usually men with the giddy mentality of fourteen-year-old boys. Invariably, sitcoms today feature at least one gay or lesbian character, who is cast in a sympathetic role.

It is a powerful force in the culture. One overriding goal of homosexual activists is to influence the next generation and to recruit children to their movement, if not to their lifestyle.

The fallout, however, is devastating. How can impressionable boys and young men possibly discern what it means to be a heterosexual male, let alone a dedicated and disciplined husband and father, when this tripe is fed to them every night and when their own dads are nowhere to be found? Remember, too, that other popular male role models are often raunchy, such as professional athletes who sire and then abandon six or eight children with as many mothers, and rock stars who pierce their bodies with baubles and pickle their brains with mind-altering drugs.

What does that behavior convey to boys who are trying to emulate these lost and irresponsible men? I come now to the reason I have chosen this topic for my letter this month. Given the sordid influence of the popular culture, I urge parents, and especially fathers, to teach boys what it means to be a man. It is one of the most important lessons to be learned during childhood.

I elaborated on this point, also in my book, Bringing Up Boys , as follows:. Protect your boys from those who are espousing postmodern views. Shield both your sons and daughters from gender feminism and from those who would seek to confuse their sexuality. Protect the masculinity of your boys, who will be under increasing political pressure in years to come. Buffer them from the perception that most adult males are selfish and immature men, or even sexual predators.

As a guide for fathers, they should adopt four traditional roles that are biblically based. The first is to serve as protector. He shields his family members from anything that could harm or invade his wife and children. He is often the one that family members come to when they feel anxious or threatened. If another man tries to abuse or insult his wife, her husband defends her honor and her body with his life, if necessary. It is his responsibility to see that the house is safe at night and that the children come home at a reasonable time.

Each member of the family feels a little more secure because he is there. Another component of this first responsibility is to model for children how a man should treat a woman. He is respectful of her at all times. If you ask my son Ryan how this principle worked in our home, he will tell you how he learned to open the car door for his mother, and how I looked at him when he forgot.

He rarely failed the test. Ryan is now married to Laura, and the respect he learned as a child is invariably played out in his home. I have no doubt that if Ryan had been in the theater on the night of the massacre, he would have tried to shield his beloved wife from danger. The second responsibility of a good family man is to serve as the provider.

How Masculine Men Protect Women’s Feminine Energy

Of course, there is the legal system which offers a form of protection 1. Post-Incident Protection and the police 2. Pre-incident Protection.

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When a man is confident within himself, and understands his self-worth, he can be a source of strength. On the flip side, a man lacking confidence can be draining or even dangerous. Men are naturals when it comes to protecting the people they care about. Why are men protective?

A Gentleman Protects His Girl These 7 Ways

As a husband and father, you are the warrior who has been charged with the duty of pushing back against the evil that seeks to prey on your wife, daughters, and sons. It began as a shopping date with my daughter Laura, who was 13 at the time. I never dreamed it would end the way it did. Laura decided that she wanted to go where her older brothers and sisters went to shop at the time—Abercrombie and Fitch. There she found a beautiful baby blue sweater, and she went to the dressing room to try it on. While I was waiting I noticed a life-sized poster of a young man completely nude, leaning up on a boat dock knee deep in water. The shot was from behind, but I had not asked to see that guy chilling in his birthday suit. I stood there looking at that poster thinking that I thought this was a clothing store and how inappropriate that was for my daughter and other girls. Finally I asked if I could please talk with the manager.

Why Do Women Want to Feel Protected By Their Man?

Evidence of this can be found in the almost weekly TV news reports shown across in the world. This is as true for women today as it was a thousand years ago or even 10, years ago. Instead, her ongoing need to feel protected is simply about the fact that we still live in a very challenging and sometimes dangerous world. Despite our supermarkets, highways and smartphones, human societies are usually just a hurricane or tornado away from basic survival. For most of human history, a woman had to rely on a man to physically protect her and her offspring.

You're a successful woman with a job to die for, a fabulous home and a supportive husband, but do you ever get the urge to check his mobile phone for love messages? Or his bank statements for intimate meals a deux that you didn't share?

To protect himself, he demands a female journalist seeking to shadow him bring along a male chaperone. You know the one. Oh, and Eve, of course. Mothers shield their sons from us.


So many times as men we are told that our role is to protect our wives and family by any means. I think that in the midst of being tough we forget that protection can come in many forms. The truth is that sometimes Mother-In-Laws and Daughter-in-laws are in a subconscious battle.

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If you want to comment on this content, go here. But if you are in a relationship like marriage, that requires moment by moment care, love, nourishing, and cherishing, that relationship cannot be pressed into the fabric, as though it was just another thread. This perspective was why Mable struggled so much with Biff. It was hard for Biff to see this when he first came to counseling. It would be Mable. She was the one who needed to get a grip, according to Biff.

What Is It Like to Be a Man?

Masculine energy is all about breaking free from constraints, overcoming, closing the deal, protecting, providing, leading…. For a woman who wants to be primarily feminine in her energy in the relationship — during the courtship process — a man shows his masculinity by paying for meals. If you bear children and become vulnerable, I will protect you. A man shows his masculinity to a woman by hunting more efficiently than other men when he shows up as the initiator, the strategist in conquering her heart, and the leader that beats out other opponents. A man shows his masculinity when he plans the dates and has it figured out allowing her to relax and connect. A man creates masculine safety for a woman when he has vision and drive for his life, sending a woman the message that he is a man with direction and deep purpose, which makes him stable and capable of deeply loving her as his woman.

I have a fondness for ingenuity-at-work.comdy please tell me the correct name for them!! But you get the picture. I mean, I follow.

I spent the majority of my childhood mimicking the actions of my older brother and five boy cousins. For the most part, I did strive to maintain my stereotypical femininity by wearing dresses and playing with dolls — not because I had to but I wanted to. But being surrounded by mostly boys, and them being the ones I looked up to the most, I was taught to enjoy hobbies that are seen as masculine.

My Husband Does Not Love or Protect Me

At the time my wife and I were beginning to date, I owned a broken bed. The box spring had a biggish crack on one side, which caused you to feel like you were being gradually swallowed in the night—an effect seriously exacerbated by the presence of a second person. I had not bothered to buy pillows when I moved to Milwaukee, reasoning that old pants stuffed in a pillowcase could not possibly feel that different.

Real Men Are Warriors Who Protect

I have a big mouth and a quick temper. In the past, I experienced abusive relationships and my quick wit failed me in those times. No amount of clever jabs could protect me from my abuser and it was a terrifying realization.

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