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As a leading manufacturer of POS Systems it is our goal to provide the best service possible for all our customers no matter if you have already bought from us or if you are looking for the right product to correspond to your needs. To achieve this goal we provide different service commitments which can be agreed individually, for example we offer the possibility to expand the warranty period up to five years. In addition to the individually agreeable service commitments we offer a great Support Team to contact if you have any problems to provide you with solutions so you can continue working like normal as soon as possible. Partner Techs areas of expertise. Because we care about our customer and their trust in us. Your hardware, our team.


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General Specifications 1. Configuration 2. Connectors 3. Control Command Summary 2. NOTE: There may be variations in printing after switching the mode of the printing speed. Change in printing speed does not occur during down loaded bit image printing.

The printable area may be out of alignment by 2 mm maximum to the left or right, due to the paper position or tolerance of parts. The values may vary slightly as a result of paper slack or variations in the paper. Take this into account when setting the cutting position of the autocutter. The printer goes off-line: Between when the power is turned on including reset using the interface and when the printer is ready to receive data. During the self-test.

When the cover is open. During paper feeding using the paper feed button. When the printer stops printing due to a paper-end in cases when an empty paper supply is detected by either paper roll end detector or the paper roll near-end detector with a printing halt feature by ESC c4.

During macro executing stand by status. When a temporary abnormality occurs in the power supply voltage. Transmit data to the printer after turning on the power and initializing the printer.

However, pin 4 must by used only for the drawer. Output waveform: Outputs the waveforms in Figure 3. Use a shielded cable for the drawer connector cable. Two driver transistors cannot be energized simultaneously. The drawer drive duty must by as shown below. ON time 0. Be sure to use the printer power supply connector pin 4 for the drawer power source. The resistance of the drawer kick-out solenoid must not be less than the specified.

Otherwise, an overcurrent could damage the solenoid. Do not connect telecommunication network to the drawer kick-out connector. The code sequence. The allowable range for the arguments. Description of the command function. If necessary provides important information on setting and using the printer command. The default values for the commands.

List related commands. Example of using the commands. This command is ignored unless the next tab position has been set. Horizontal tab positions are set using ESC D. The default setting of the horizontal tab position for the paper roll is font A 12 x 24 every 8th character 9th, 17th, 25th, column.

ESC D This command sets the print position to the beginning of the line. Sets the print starting position to the beginning of the line. The automatic line feed is ignored. LF FF Print and return to standard mode in page mode. The buffer data is deleted after being printed. The printing area set by ESC W is reset to the default setting. The printer does not execute paper cutting.

This command is enabled only in page mode. If data that existed in the previously specified printable area also exists in the currently specified printable area, it is deleted. Each status is represented by one-byte data. The printer transmits the status without confirming whether the host computer can receive data. The printer executes this command upon receiving it. This command is executed even when the printer is offline, the receive buffer is full, or there is an error status.

Fixed to Off 1 On 02 2 Not used. Fixed to On 5, Undefined. Fixed to Off. Fixed to Off Bit 5: Becomes on when the paper end sensor detects paper end and printing stops. If an error due to a circuit failure e. Fixed to On 2,3 Off 00 0 Paper roll near-end sensor: paper adequate On 0C 12 Paper near-end is detected by the paper roll near-end sensor. This command is effective only when an auto-cutter error occurs.

The printer starts processing data upon receiving this command. This command is executed even when the printer is offline, the receive buffer is full, or there is an error status with a serial interface model. When the printer is in an error status when this command is processed, this command is ignored. This command is executed even when the printer is off-line, the receive buffer is full, or there is an error status. If print data includes the same character strings as this command, the printer performs the same operation specified by this command.

The user must consider this. This command should not be used within the data sequence of another command that consists of 2 or more bytes.

The right-side character spacing for double-width mode is twice the normal value. When characters are enlarged, the right-side character spacing is n times normal value. This command does not affect the setting of Kanji characters. This command sets values independently in each mode standard and page modes.

The horizontal and vertical motion units are specified by GS P. Changing the horizontal or vertical motion units does not affect the current right-side spacing. The GS P command can change the horizontal and vertical motion unit.

However, the value cannot be less than the minimum horizontal movement amount, and it must be in even units of the minimum horizontal movement amount. In standard mode, the horizontal motion unit is used.

Any setting exceeding the maximum is converted to the maximum automatically. On 08 8 Emphasized mode selected. On Double-height mode selected. On Double-width mode selected Undefined. On Underline mode selected. When both double-height and double-width modes are selected, quadruple size characters are printed. The printer can underline all characters, but can not underline the space set by HT or 90 clockwise rotated characters. The thickness of the underline is selected by ESC-, regardless of the character size.

When some characters in a line are double or more height, all the characters on the line are aligned at the baseline. ESC E Can also turn on or off emphasized mode. However, the setting of the last received command is effective.

ESC - Can also turn on or off underline mode. However, the setting of the last received command effective. Can also select character size, However, the setting of the last received command is effective. Emphasized mode is effective for alphanumeric and Kanji. All print modes except emphasized mode is effective only for alphanumeric.

Settings outside the specified printable area are ignored. In page mode, the horizontal or vertical motion unit differs depending on the starting position of the printable area as follows : 1. When the starting position is set to the upper left or lower right of the printable area using ESC T, the horizontal motion unit x is used.

When the starting position is set to the upper right or lower left of the printable area using ESC T, the vertical motion unit y is used.

When the LSB of n is 1, the user-defined character set is selected. When the user-defined character set is canceled, the internal character set is automatically selected.

X specifies the number of dots in the horizontal direction. It is possible to define multiple characters for consecutive character codes. The dot pattern is in the horizontal direction from the left side.

RP-320. Thermal Receipt printer Technical manual. Partner Tech Corp.

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TouchBistro is committed to responding to all support inquires. If you're in North America, you can reach us by phone at If you are experiencing a longer than normal wait time, please use the form above or email us at support touchbistro.

Price list: See all our products. Overview: RP is the most solid and powerful thermal receipt printer for retail and hospitality environment. Its high-speed and Triple-Interface connectivity are suitable for any diversified environment and system integration. Maximum protection against dust and liquid splashes can be applied through its Optional Water Spill-Proof Cover and Power Adaptor Cover, which are critical in extreme environment such as restaurants, bars, kitchens…. RP is also certified by Energy Star, which is a perfect solution for both power efficiency as well as environmental-friendly.

RP-100 High Speed Receipt Printer

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Partner RP-100-300II User Manual

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Miniature Circuit Breakers for Direct Current circuits protection. Comfort, simplicity, and convenience.

Epson Receipt Printer User's Manual. The driver is capable. The SRP is receipt printer is no exception; drivers.

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Partner RP High Speed Receipt Printer Triple Interface Partner Tech's receipt printers are high speed receipt printer solutions for retail and hospitality that require fast and quiet printing. The compact size and integrated wall mounting make this dependable model absolutely ideal for many applications. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Prices displayed are a guide to possible pricing on , pending availability at suppliers on this day, and are subject to change without notice.

General Specifications 1. Configuration 2. Connectors 3. Control Command Summary 2. NOTE: There may be variations in printing after switching the mode of the printing speed. Change in printing speed does not occur during down loaded bit image printing.

Rp-300-h Receipt Printer Driver

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RP-100-300II Thermal POS Printer

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