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Earlier this week, in a column on Bill Gates, fellatio and media, and how all three relate to a profile of Gates in last week's Time magazine, this column daringly offered free software into the millennium to anyone who remembers one thing Bill Gates ever said. We were taking issue with the notion advanced in the magazine that Mr. Gates is shaping this or the next century as a visionary leader, as opposed to just selling lots of software. Within minutes of the column's postings, the first challengers had emailed, all offering the same quote.

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Earlier this week, in a column on Bill Gates, fellatio and media, and how all three relate to a profile of Gates in last week's Time magazine, this column daringly offered free software into the millennium to anyone who remembers one thing Bill Gates ever said. We were taking issue with the notion advanced in the magazine that Mr. Gates is shaping this or the next century as a visionary leader, as opposed to just selling lots of software.

Within minutes of the column's postings, the first challengers had emailed, all offering the same quote. Dan emailed: "I win! Gates said once that 'K software is all the memory anybody would ever need on a computer. You've finally stepped in it. Gates said that K of memory is all that anybody with a computer would ever need. Where's the stuff? Several dozen versions of the same quote appeared, all claiming victory and wanting the free software promised in the column.

We gulped. Were we caught in our own ruse? And could Bill Gates, the man journalism tells us almost daily is a profound visionary, have been so short-sighted? We might be insufferable, pompous, Marxist, degenerate and all the other things people accuse us of, but that doesn't make us stupid. Do you honestly think we would offer anything free if we weren't percent certain there was no chance we could lose?

Claiming Gates has never uttered a memorable thought is as good and solid as gold. Take that to the bank, losers. Check out this feature on the Huntsville Times Tennessee Web site, where you can read Bill Gates' impassioned denial that he ever said anything as potentially unprofitable as the quote attributed to him, and where you can also see just how safe our bet really is. No one involved in computers would ever say that a certain amount of memory is enough for all time. Gates goes on a bit about bit computers and megabytes of logical address space, but the kid's question will this boy never work at Microsoft?

There's never a citation; the quotation just floats like a rumor, repeated again and again. Gates, on behalf of the Web community, we're setting the record straight. Although we never said it ourselves, we apologize for this outrageous slander, and regret even inhabiting a medium that would think for one second of a world bounded by memory too small to encompass Windows 95 or Microsoft Internet Explorer. An aside - did you know you can ask him anything you want at: askbill microsoft.

But, don't fret, software scroungers. As a consolation prize, Wired Ventures has decided to give free Power Macs to five million webheads. To qualify, you have to be 13, born at the precise moment Saturn crossed the Jupiter moons, and be willing to walk naked around the world without food or drink, and with a laptop hanging around your neck.

Other details are being worked out. We'll be in touch. A year-old female asked him about probable career opportunities. His answer: "There will be a wealth of opportunities relating to software. Other favorite feedback from this column: A woman a Wal-Mart shopper, no doubt emailed in outrage that I had used the word "blow job" in a public forum.

We also heard from the author of the Bill Gates piece in Time , the magazine's managing editor, Walter Isaacson. He suggested we read the piece again and rethink whether it was an act of fellatio or not. We did and we do.

But he gets points for being perhaps the only high-ranking editor in journalism who would respond personally and directly to criticism. For embracing interactivity, he gets the Media Rant K award. View Comments. Sponsored Stories Powered By Outbrain. More Stories. Author: Aarian Marshall Aarian Marshall. Author: Paris Martineau Paris Martineau. Author: Angela Watercutter Angela Watercutter. Author: Will Knight Will Knight. Author: Jason Kehe Jason Kehe.

Timothy B.

Care Partners and Multiple Sclerosis: Differential Effect on Men and Women.

For more than 50 years, Ram Dass has watched as other nontraditional spiritual leaders have come and gone while he has remained. He has been active since the early s, back when he was still known as Richard Alpert and worked alongside his Harvard psychology department colleague Timothy Leary, researching the mind-altering effects of LSD and psilocybin and helping to kick off the psychedelic era. Later, as did many people before him, he ventured east, spending time in India as a disciple of the Hindu mystic Neem Karoli Baba. Published in , that book, an early classic of New Age thinking, has sold around two million copies, according to his website; Ram Dass, who has since written a dozen other books, continues to find new readers via praise from the likes of Lena Dunham and the presidential candidate Marianne Williamson.

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Did Gates Really Say 640K is Enough For Anyone?

Allerdings muss der Endanwender in dieser Konstellation der Fernwartung durch den Support zustimmen. Nach dem erneuten Start erscheint eine neunstellige ID. Nach der Zustimmung beginnt die Fernsteuerung. Allerdings nur, wenn zuvor ein paar Einstellungen vorgenommen wurden. Problematisch erweisen sich allerdings Custom ROMs. Und wie sicher ist dieses APP gegen Hacker???? Ja aber das unbeaufsichtigte Fernwarten von Android geht so nicht. Das schaffen die meisten Kunden schon nicht.

Ram Dass Is Ready to Die

Afbeelding stier sterrenbeeld. Volledige bedekking - Vierkante steentjes diamondpainting inclusief tools. Afbeeldingen en prenten voor gebruik op school en in het onderwijs Horoscoop, dierenriem, dierenriemen, zodiak, horoscopen, sterrenbeeld Op zoek naar sterrenbeeld of horoscoop stickers? Hieronder vind je alle stickers van sterrenbeelden en hun symbolen.

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Having Santino, his year-old son with former partner Katrina Ojeda, has been especially transformative for the balladeer. Because Santino is a child with special needs, Martin has had to redefine what his earlier notions of what being a parent entails. Raising a child with special needs presents a unique set of challenges. If he wants to hear someone talking funny, I can give him that.

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Geniet nu van korting tot ,- op HP ProBooks. Professionele monitoren van Samsung. Ontdek alle printers en scanners van Zebra. Cisco Meraki Eenvoudig cloud IT-beheer.

It wasn't my first listen; I had become addicted to playing and replaying the first seven episodes, all of which come from a lecture Ram Dass gave at the Bucks County Seminar House in Erwinna, Pennsylvania. Despite his age and the effects of a stroke, Ram Dass still dedicates the bulk of each day to teaching and serving his followers. We initially encountered Ram Dass's work back in My wife, while going through a difficult time, was given a paperback copy of the book Grist for the Mill by her kindhearted, kirtan -playing landlord in Northampton, Massachusetts. That summer, at the beach, we read each other passages as we lay in the sun; soon, also at the beach, a new friend gave her his copy of Be Here Now —Ram Dass's book of hypnotically illustrated spiritual exhortations.

How having a child with special needs changed Martin Nievera

Нигде не должно остаться даже намека на Цифровую крепость. Сьюзан снова завладели прежние сомнения: правильно ли они поступают, решив сохранить ключ и взломать Цифровую крепость. Ей было не по себе, хотя пока, можно сказать, им сопутствовала удача. Чудесным образом Северная Дакота обнаружился прямо под носом и теперь попал в западню.

Правда, оставалась еще одна проблема - Дэвид до сих пор не нашел второй экземпляр ключа.

May 21, - Several studies report that these abnormal returns diminish once transaction costs are taken into account. – Avramov, Chordia and Goyal.

Как и все другие крупные базы данных - от страховых компаний до университетов, - хранилище АНБ постоянно подвергалось атакам компьютерных хакеров, пытающих проникнуть в эту святая святых. Но система безопасности АНБ была лучшей в мире. Никому даже близко не удалось подойти к базе АНБ, и у агентства не было оснований полагать, что это когда-нибудь случится в будущем.

Afbeelding stier sterrenbeeld

Дрожащей рукой он дал команду вывести на экран последнее сообщение. ОБЪЕКТ: ДЭВИД БЕККЕР - ЛИКВИДИРОВАН Коммандер опустил голову. Его мечте не суждено сбыться.

До выхода было метров тридцать. - Я оплачу тебе билет до дома, если… - Молчите, - сказала Меган с кривой улыбкой.  - Я думаю, я поняла, что вам от меня .

Но в сложившейся ситуации никакой опасности в загрузке в ТРАНСТЕКСТ этой программы не было, потому что коммандер точно знал, что это за файл и откуда он появился.

- Несмотря на все мое уважение к вам, сэр, - продолжал настаивать Чатрукьян, - мне никогда еще не доводилось слышать о диагностике, в которой использовалась бы мутация… - Коммандер, - перебила его Сьюзан, которая не могла больше ждать.

Если бы он тогда знал… ГЛАВА 9 Техник систем безопасности Фил Чатрукьян собирался заглянуть в шифровалку на минуту-другую - только для того, чтобы взять забытые накануне бумаги. Но вышло. Пройдя помещение шифровалки и зайдя в лабораторию систем безопасности, он сразу почувствовал что-то неладное.

Компьютер, который постоянно отслеживал работу ТРАНСТЕКСТА, оказался выключен, вокруг не было ни души.

Сердце ее заколотилось. Затаив дыхание, она вглядывалась в экран. КОД ОШИБКИ 22 Сьюзан вздохнула с облегчением. Это была хорошая весть: проверка показала код ошибки, и это означало, что Следопыт исправен. Вероятно, он отключился в результате какой-то внешней аномалии, которая не должна повториться. Код ошибки 22. Она попыталась вспомнить, что это .

Бринкерхофф кивнул и положил трубку. - Стратмор отрицает, что ТРАНСТЕКСТ бьется над каким-то файлом восемнадцать часов. - Он был крайне со мной любезен, - просияв, сказал Бринкерхофф, довольный тем, что ему удалось остаться в живых после телефонного разговора.  - Он заверил меня, что ТРАНСТЕКСТ в полной исправности.

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