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What a woman need from her husband

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People say it is difficult to understand what a woman wants from her man. But like Oscar Wilde has put it, a woman wants her man to love her forever. She always seeks to be the most important person in his life, whether it is during their dating days, just-married days or the last years of their life. So, is love the only thing a woman wants? Hold on; they want much more.

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9 Things a Husband Needs From His Wife

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Too many men today have forgotten what it means to be a husband. Every marriage is different, yes, but ultimately there are some things that EVERY wife needs from her husband. He had lost his job about 6 months ago. She lost confidence in his ability to provide a stable home for the family both now and in the future, and so she wanted out.

Every wife craves a feeling of security from her husband. Since the beginning of time, man has provided and protected his family. This need for security does NOT mean you have to be the breadwinner. But it does mean that your wife needs to be able to trust that YOU are going to make sure the family is provided for, protected and looked after.

Your wife needs to trust that if, God forbid, someone would lose their job or get injured and be unable to work, that the family would not be doomed to financial ruin. How do you do that? How do you create that feeling for your wife? This means you should actively enjoy the time you spend with your wife. Look forward to the time you spend with your family. Because this age-range is prime time for a midlife crisis. And, since a midlife crisis is always rooted in unfulfillment, one of the best ways to combat, or better yet, prevent it is by leading the way in contentment.

I have NEVER seen a wife fall into a midlife crisis when she felt content and fulfilled in the marriage. Your wife wants to be proud of her family. She wants to be proud of her husband, the man she has committed her life to. If your wife can be proud of you, then that means that she can be proud of herself.

When she can be proud of her marriage, this helps her feel all the other things listed in this article! You just have to do the things that a husband is supposed to do! She needs you to be the shoulder she can lean on when times get tough. Whatever trials she ever faces in her life, she needs to feel like you are the foundation on which she can stand when everything else is falling apart. A friend is someone who you enjoy spending time with. This means the alone time you get with your wife should not be centered only on the bedroom , or talking about family duties.

Of course, life is busy and especially if you have kids, a lot of alone time you and your wife get is going to be devoted to them. But, not ALL of it. You and your wife should be able to spend time together as friends too, whether that means shooting the breeze together or doing something that you both enjoy. Again, there is something primal about this , because truly every woman wants to feel beautiful. Unfortunately, many women and men struggle with self-confidence about their looks.

She needs to know that you count yourself extremely lucky to have her as your wife ; you need to make her feel like the amazing catch that she is! Remember that beauty is more than just outward appearance. Make sure you appreciate the physical, intellectual and spiritual beauty of your wife, and make sure she knows it!

The important thing is that your wife gets that feeling of beauty from you, one way or another. Intimacy is that feeling of closeness that a man and woman are meant to experience inside of a marriage. Giving your wife intimacy is about the feeling you create for her , not the physical actions that you do. Yes, intimacy DOES include sex. When you have sex with your wife, you should get that feeling of closeness, coziness, of unbridled love. We have a severe father problem in our society today.

Way too many kids are growing up without a proper father figure. Many kids grow up without any father at all. If you want your kids to have a happy, healthy and fulfilling marriage when they grow up, then you MUST take your job as father seriously.

She needs you to not only be her leader, but leader to your children too. In Manly Marriage Revival , I give you an acronym to help you remember your responsibilities as father. Strong — Always remain positive, confident and respectful in front of your kids. When you make decisions as a father, stand firm in them. When you say yes, it means yes. When you say no, it means no. Present — You are there for your kids. You get lots of face time with them. But, remember that being present is about more than just physically being around your kids… A father must be present mentally and emotionally too.

Encouraging — A good father is constantly uplifting his kids. He wants them to be confident. He wants to be a constant source of positivity. Loving — Pretty straightforward one here… A father loves his kids and his kids know that he loves them. This is communicated through both words and actions. If you can hit all five of these, I can virtually guarantee you that your marriage will improve. When you are active as a father first, your wife will find you attractive as a husband.

Those two things are borne out of weakness and self-interest. True husbandly leadership is borne out of strength , humility and, above all, love. This is the true meaning of husbandly leadership. Your wife needs a leader in her marriage. She needs it, and she will love it once she sees it.

If you want to get a head start on giving your wife each of these 9 things in your marriage, then be sure to check out the free PDF workbook that goes along with this post:?

I'm Stephen, the guy behind Husband Help Haven. I'm not a marriage counselor or a lawyer, I'm just a guy on the Internet who has talked to a loooooot of men going through separation Over 2, in the past 5 years. My goal is to give men the tools they need to save their marriage from separation. Read more here. Why is that in almost in every post on Internet..

Needs of wife is being highlighted and who has to do is always husband… And even after shredding every drop of blood husband gets divorce in gift. Thanks for the comment, I appreciate your contribution to our discussion on this site. The wife — even when she is the one to seek divorce — also needs to work and change and improve in order for any possible future marriage to be more successful. With all that being said, you may want to read this post about common mindset mistakes men make in separation, particularly that of The Trader.

Plus, it makes your changes SEEM less genuine because she will believe that they are only there to convince her to change her mind. Thanks for this. Being separated and going through a divorce, it finally sets in very deeply. If only I had this knowledge before the relationship had deteriorated this much. Hope is amazing if you apply it correctly. Hope for the best. But it has to be done sincerely. And sincere efforts require focusing on what is the best for my wife. If I truly love her, we want what is best for her, I have started doing things with compassion, love, and care.

The concept of Karma is amazing. Always throw good actions, and vibrations, and just accept what life returns back. Its worth mentioning that NO loving woman with a heart would ever walk out on her hubby for a situation outside of his control. A poor example, and a pathetic excuse for a wife and woman in the example used. Marriage first and foremost is about mutual love and care for one another.

Marriage is good times, bad times. They stick by eachother and they figure it out one way or another. Believe it or not men have needs as well; and one of them is knowing that his woman will stick by his side — during tough times — and most of all if or when money becomes an issue. But, in real life, lots of couples divorce over money-related problems. Good couples never get divorced.

But no couple is always good all the time. Good couples have weak moments. Sometimes those moments last weeks or months or even years. Good, strong couples get divorced when they are both at their worst and, exhausted and burnt out, they start blaming the marriage or their spouse for things being so bad.

What do you do? Again, I agree with your sentiment here, and I admire your conviction.

What Women Want In A Man: 3 Key Things That Make Husband Material

What a wife wants from her husband can be a total mystery to him. So here is the definitive list at least from our readers of the 10 things wives wish their husbands knew! What a wife wants from her husband no longer has to be a mystery, we have the answers right here!

In a marriage, a wife needs to experience a strong sense of security from her husband, and she wants him to stay committed to developing a long-term relationship. Yes, it seems that money just belongs to material things.

Too many men today have forgotten what it means to be a husband. Every marriage is different, yes, but ultimately there are some things that EVERY wife needs from her husband. He had lost his job about 6 months ago. She lost confidence in his ability to provide a stable home for the family both now and in the future, and so she wanted out. Every wife craves a feeling of security from her husband.

What Wives Wish Their Husbands Knew About Women

When it comes to love, what men and women want are vastly different! While dating and searching for our future partner, men and women are looking for very different things. These dissimilar needs and expectations cause us to appreciate different qualities in each other, often resulting in us being attracted to someone much different than ourselves. After we decide to spend the rest of your lives together, these needs must be met or we may find ourselves feeling disappointed and cheated. As we become more comfortable in our relationship, the extra effort and romantic gestures may begin to dwindle as bad habits enter your relationship and start to destroy it. Regardless of what you call it, a decision to stop putting in the effort is centered on laziness, self-centeredness, or the unrealistic belief that your partner will never leave you. For men, it can be difficult to truly understand what makes their woman happy and contented.

9 Things Women Want From Their Husbands

Happy marriages require selflessness. Being selfless is the opposite of selfish. But unfortunately, selflessness is often overlooked in relationships. On the surface, it appears to run contrary to the very notion.

Husband and wife want a lot of the same things from a significant other. But, there are some differences that seem to be more thematic of a particular gender.

There's no blueprint for the perfect husband - at least not one that I'm privy to - but there are some solid traits that most if not every woman wants in a husband. If we could build the perfect partner or close to it! A cheerful black couple.

15 Qualities Every Woman Wants in a Husband

Want to know what your girlfriend and potential future wife! Many articles have been written on this topic ad nauseam, but few offer genuinely useful advice or realistic expectations. Instead, most focus on external actions rather than reflecting on internal behaviors that are fundamental to a healthy relationship. Make Honesty Your Foundation Honesty is consistently listed as one of the top qualities in almost every dating profile ever written — that says something.

Since most of my readers are women, I am counting on you ladies to pass the post to your husbands! See how you are doing at loving each other. Not all women want to be loved this way and certainly women want more than 9 things from their husbands. But many women like these nine things. And my goal is to inspire husbands to make a study of their wives so they can serve them based on their uniqueness.

What Women Want In A Relationship: 30+ Things You Should know

Men and women want a lot of the same things from a significant other, but there are also some key differences between what each gender needs from their partners to have a satisfying relationship. Everyone wants to know they're loved and wives rarely tire of hearing those three little words—"I love you"—from their husbands. In fact, the best ways to express how you feel are usually in simple, seemingly unimportant acts like giving her an unexpected hug or holding hands when you walk together. There will be days when your wife will make mistakes or when she'll be difficult to be around. No one and that includes you too is perfect. She both wants and deserves your willingness to understand and forgive her. Remember that no relationship, and especially marriage, can be sustained without forgiveness. Women especially want you to understand that the hormonal fluctuations that impact her mood are very real.

Despite the research and the stigma of men not communicating as well as women in the relationship, your husband wants to be understood and accepted for.

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10 Things Women Want From Their Husbands

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7 of the Greatest Needs of a Wife

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10 Things Every Wife Should Be Doing for Her Husband

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