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No one sets out to sabotage their relationship. Most of us have only the best intentions. We want it to work. We think about it, maybe even obsess over it, we put our heart on the line, we invest ourselves.

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Pregnant Woman Is Strangled and Pushed Out of Car

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Has your girlfriend just pushed you away? If so, this article will show you why this happens and what you can do to fix this problem. Your girlfriend will push you away at some point in the relationship, this is to be expected. The only question is, how do you deal with it? The more you value her the more likely you are to put up with her nonsense and put her on a pedestal. I make a good income and stay in great shape, working out almost every day. I also feel like I know how to handle women pretty well most of the time , but for whatever reason my girlfriend keeps pushing me away.

Check your behavior right before she pushes you away. What were you doing in the event leading up to this? Most of the time things are going great. The sex is great and she is really into me. Your girlfriend obviously feels that you value her a lot more than she values you. If you can give me any advice or help me to understand what my girlfriend is thinking and why she is doing this I would really appreciate it.

A woman that pushes her boyfriend away is always experiencing some form of conflict in her mind. But when your girlfriend pushes you away, your girlfriend is experiencing some form of inner-conflict at that present moment in time. All of the above reasons will cause your girlfriend to push you away.

When this happens most guys start going crazy, sensing that they are about to lose their girlfriend forever, they go into chase mode and make things even worse. All of the reasons mentioned here are a kind of test.

Now this is a good thing that your girlfriend is testing you, it means she has feelings for you. This is important so we know, as men, what to aim for in our relationships with women. The list is short for good reason. A lot of guys reading this might fantasize and imagine how easy life would be if they were rich or famous. One of my friends from college actually went to work for the popular pick-up company RSD after graduating as one of their students.

This friend told me in private that they had several celebrity clients who booked private sessions with the company to overcome this exact problem. No relationship is perfect and this is important to understand.

A lot of guys believe that they can get to a point in their relationship where everything will be perfect—where their girlfriend will always love them and be attracted to them and they will never have any trouble ever again.

This is a mistake that both men and women make all the time. People think that they can get to a state of bliss and sustain it forever—this is impossible because it goes against human nature which is the human desire to seek out adventure and excitement and, at the same time, maintain a sense of stability and security.

Your girlfriend should have doubts about your relationship and so should you. But sexual attraction, desire and feelings of excitement are all aroused by feelings of uncertainty University of Virginia. You feel uncertain about the relationship and this increases tension and sexual desire and passion at the same time. Your girlfriend will also experience desire and excitement the same way, through uncertainty. The next time your girlfriend pushes you away because she is uncertain about the state of the relationship, embrace the space and accept that she needs to push you away to restore her feelings of attraction and desire.

Picture the following scenario: five years ago, Jane pushed away from Peter and told him that she was having doubts about their relationship. Peter went into panic mode. He tried to reason with Jane. Jane had her doubts and the more Peter resisted and begged her not to push him away, the more Jane pushed… until one day, she pushed Peter away forever. Cut to the present. Jane is now dating Paul. Once again Jane started to experience doubts about the relationship, as a result she pushed Paul away.

Is it because you flirt with other women? It is because you cheated on her? If your girlfriend has lost trust for you and pushed you away, then this means that she needs time to work through her emotions and feelings by herself. Perhaps your girlfriend asked you to do something unreasonable and you did it to please her. Perhaps you changed your opinion to please your girlfriend. A man that continually tries to please his girlfriend and who bends to her will, will be considered weak by his girlfriend.

One day Jane was at a cocktail party with her boyfriend Peter. Jane caught Peter looking at another woman during the party.

Peter looked nervous. Peter gulped. Is he really that unsure of himself? Jane decided to test him further. Peter began to stutter and get more agitated. Oh no, he thought. I made a huge mistake. She could leave me if I say the wrong thing here. Oh my God.

Jane thought to herself. And why is he so desperate to please me and have me like him? I must be much more valuable to him than he is to me. That night, Peter tried to initiate sex with Jane and she pushed him away in disgust. Two weeks later Jane left Peter for good and never looked back. She was only too happy to cut this weak man from her life. Jane is currently dating Paul. Jane and Paul recently went to a cocktail party and Jane saw Paul looking at another woman.

She felt safe in his arms. Paul was a strong, secure and confident man, maybe too confident… but oh, so attractive. Overly confident men, even narcissists, have been found to be much more attractive to woman than ordinary guys Journal of Personality and Individual Differences. Remember that strength is to a woman what beauty is to a man. If you are a physically strong man, but mentally weak, like so many men are, then your girlfriend will push you away.

So how exactly does your girlfriend determine whether or not you are a strong man? Your girlfriend can only work this out one way, that is by testing you.

The purpose of this evolution is to weed out the weak men from the strong. This is to make sure that the woman can pass on the strongest genes to her children. When you feel your girlfriend pushing you away because she doubts the strength of your character, you have to show her that you remain unaffected by her actions.

When your girlfriend pushes you away, remain unaffected and she will come back to you with more passion and attraction than ever before. Your girlfriend will push you away if she thinks that you care more about her than she cares about you.

If a man is focused on the relationship and cares more about his girlfriend than she does about him, then he is quite simply reversing the gender roles and acting like a woman. A woman will push a man away if she believes that he likes her more than she likes him. The reason why she does this is to establish whether or not this is really true and not just a feeling on her part. This will make your girlfriend lose attraction for you and she will end up pushing you away even more, until she is so turned off and repulsed by your weak behavior that she leaves you forever.

This is one of the most difficult situations to deal with. If your girlfriend has a mental illness you might find that she pushes you away for no reason at all. There is no relationship situation more difficult to deal with in life than dating a beautiful woman who has a mental illness. A great woman can raise a man up and make him even more successful, but a bad woman can destroy a man and make his life a living hell.

This girl will ultimately destroy herself unless she can get professional help. Life can be difficult enough without having to date a woman with a mental illness. I suggest you walk away from a situation like this. Your girlfriend will push you away if her attachment style is either dismissive-avoidant or fearful-avoidant.

Attachment styles are different than mental illness, but they ultimately determine how your girlfriend will act towards you in the relationship. Most women will be secure in their attachment styles, however, women who are dismissive-avoidant feel more comfortable without close emotional relationships. These types of women desire a high level of independence and will often distance themselves from their partners to avoid rejection.

A more difficult attachment style to deal with is the fearful-avoidant attachment style which is formed when a person is the victim of trauma or sexual abuse. Women with this attachment style will feel uncomfortable getting close to people and trusting them. If your girlfriend has this attachment style she will typically find it more difficult to express affection and love. This, of course, takes time and only happens to some people. All you can do is recognize that your girlfriend has one of these attachment styles and work around it, accept it or reject it.

It goes without saying, if your girlfriend has lost or is losing attraction for you then she is definitely going to push you away. So what exactly causes a woman to lose attraction for her boyfriend?

7 ways a woman pushes away her husband unintentionally

Has your girlfriend just pushed you away? If so, this article will show you why this happens and what you can do to fix this problem. Your girlfriend will push you away at some point in the relationship, this is to be expected.

Your resentment levels are constantly rising. Small things that were cute are now infuriating. When you heard your phone vibrate and saw the picture pop up, your heart skipped a beat.

An American woman who pushed her newlywed husband off a cliff has been sentenced to 30 years in prison after a judge rejected her request to withdraw her guilty plea to a charge of second-degree murder. Jordan Linn Graham, 22, took the stand during her sentencing hearing to offer a tearful apology to the family of Cody Johnson, 25, who died eight days after their wedding last summer. But the district judge Donald Molloy indicated he had continuing doubts about the defendant's honesty. Prosecutors had recommended a prison term of 50 years to life.

US woman jailed for pushing new husband off cliff

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Woman being pushed downstairs by her partner

She had been pulled from a car that drove off quickly. The woman, Tatiana Walton, was pronounced dead a short time later at a nearby hospital, the police said, and her fetus also died. By late Thursday, a man with whom she had a 2-year-old son had been charged with strangling her, the authorities said. Philp had not yet entered a plea, the spokesman said. A lawyer representing him did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Karen Smith left and Cedric Anderson right , both 53, had only been married for two months when she packed her bags and moved out of their house in Riverside, California, in March.

It is not your fault. Pushing is not okay. A person who pushes a partner will usually not stop with pushing.

What is physical abuse?

No Spam Privacy Policy We will not sell your info. Do you have the same warm-and-fuzzy feelings about your beloved, or are there more than a few things you wish he or she would work on? And how secure do you each feel in your relationship?

Find out more about cookies and your privacy in our policy. Physical abuse in a relationship often starts gradually, such as with a push or a slap, and then becomes progressively worse over time. Physical violence is always illegal. If you have been physically abused, there are things you can do to get support. Physical abuse basically involves a person using physical force against you, which causes, or could cause, you harm. Many survivors of physical abuse say that the violence started with just a slap or a push, but then became more intense over time.

Cops believe young woman was fatally pushed by her partner

December 27, pm Updated December 27, pm. A pregnant mom was found dead Wednesday at the bottom of a basement staircase inside her Brooklyn home — and cops suspect her husband strangled her, police sources said. Tonie Wells, 22, was found dead with bruising to her neck following the a. Neighbor Michelle Ruiz, 22, who last saw the young mom three weeks ago, confirmed that Wells was pregnant and sources say police are aware of a social media post by Wells detailing that she was 8-months pregnant. She was nice. He was always pleasant.

A woman that pushes her boyfriend away is always experiencing some form of This is important so we know, as men, what to aim for in our relationships with.

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What To Do When Your Girlfriend Pushes You Away

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7 Major Mistakes Women Make that Push Men Away

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