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This is a collection of the best dating WordPress themes for building an online dating website or a match-making and dating community website with WordPress. The premium themes below utilize the power of the free WordPress content management system together with BuddyPress — a powerful suite of social networking plugins for WordPress. People are always looking for love, so online dating is big business and the potential profits from a dating website can be massive. If you want to build a niche dating website for a niche community or certain group of folks who are looking for love these premium themes provide a cheap and easy way to get started quickly. This premium Dating WordPress Theme from PremiumPress allows you to build your own online dating agency or dating community website. The theme is built on a responsive framework making it mobile friendly ensuring it works on all mobile and tablet devices.

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5 Best Dating WordPress Themes

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Dating is worth a lot of money. There are numerous dating sites online and only the best make a good income. Those who generate a decent income usually have a good website, and for a WordPress website, that means having one of the best dating WordPress themes. There are many different Dating WordPress themes available online. They all have different aspects that might make them the perfect choice for your website. Some of the best dating WordPress themes need to be compatible with some major WordPress plugins.

For instance, you might need a membership plugin , WooCommerce or a social network plugin. You also need to be sure that you can customize the theme so that it matches your branding. Sweet Date has a lot to offer those who are looking to build a successful dating website on WordPress. You can integrate it with BuddyPress and then allow users to build a community around the site. This helps you to increase returning visitor rates that helps with SEO and monetization of your website.

The theme can be integrated with the Paid Membership Pro plugin. This allows you to offer visitors a subscription to be a member easily, and affordably. You can choose the payment gateway including PayPal. This theme is also compatible with WooCommerce so you can add many different monetization options for your dating website.

Astra is one of the best WordPress themes that you can utilize for your dating website. It has lots of key features that make it perfect for your next web project and is compatible with numerous premium and vital plugins such as WooCommerce, BuddyPress and others.

There are numerous suitable demos you can use as an Astra user. Astra is one of the fastest WordPress themes. With the right setup, your site can load within half a second.

This can make the difference between your website ranking on the first page or not. Divi has lots of options to help you get the most out of your visitors to ensure that they subscribe and continue to return to your website again and again. Firstly, Divi is fully compatible with all the major WordPress plugins. This includes WooCommerce, BuddyPress and membership plugins. At the same time, it has very useful functions that can help you refine the look, and the behavior of your visitors.

In addition, building your website is simple with the easy-to-use Divi page builder. If you do run into any trouble with the theme, there is a strong community that can help you find solutions to make your website perform better. Divi is also a perfect website for those who want to build a website that will perform well on all devices and rank highly on Google.

The code is clean and up to the best standards. This is a fully responsive Dating WordPress theme that will help you develop a great dating website. This simple WordPress theme is free and has lots of great features to add to your website, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds. You can also add WeChat and SnapChat to offer more interaction between your business and visitors. LoveStory definitely deserves its place on the best Dating WordPress themes list.

It has numerous features that make it an ideal choice, plus the look and style of the theme are perfect for the industry. The theme is completely responsive, so it will look great on any device or screen size.

For users, they will be able to add lots of details about themselves to attract matches with the extended WordPress profiles. This includes uploading photos, add favorites, view gifts and read messages. This can all be done on the front-end. The built-in chat system is really good. It allows any two people to start a real-time conversation, regardless of what pages the users are on, on the site.

The chat is simple, looks modern and is easy to use. To monetize your website, you can use the built-in membership system. You can set membership level limits so that members are limited to certain restrictions and take payments if they want more features or to raise limits.

All payments are processed thanks to integration with WooCommerce. Seeko is a BuddyPress WordPress theme that is a great choice for a dating website. In fact, this theme has a pre-built dating website demo included. Plus there are other features that you might need and probably want included with the theme that make it a must consideration for your next website project. If you do use this site, you could be attracting singletons within the first few days.

The default homepage layout includes a form that appears above the fold that allows new visitors to search the database of singletons on the site. Once the search is complete, your visitor will be invited to signup to your dating site, a great way to hook and catch visitors to your new dating site. New members can then choose between free or premium membership packages, depending on your settings.

To add validity to your website, there is a matchmaking system included within the theme to help those registered to find their true love. This can include finding people who are located close to them. And users can also communicate with each other and make new online friends with many of the cool features included within the theme.

Customization of the dating WordPress theme is easy thanks to the drag-and-drop builder tool that is included. This makes making changes to the prebuilt template easy or you can start from scratch and build a new look for your dating website. It has a simple, modern design that looks beautiful on any device. With the right tinkering too, you can be sure that your dating website can be found on Google and other search engines.

To help you create a great brand look, there are a lot of customization options for your new website. This includes changing the typography, colors and other details for your new website.

There are also 80 shortcodes that can add lots of functionality to your website, giving you power. To get started, you can utilize the two-step installation function that will have your new site ready in minutes. The parallax effect of the theme looks stunning as well and with the lazy-loading element of the images, load times are significantly shorter than with other non-premium WordPress themes. Gwangi is a great WordPress theme for those looking to add dating and community together into one package that will take off.

There are six different website demos you can choose from that will give you a ready-made website. These demos include glamorous, feature-rich front pages that will delight visitors as well as templates for lots of different pages you might need across your new dating website.

Customizing the website is easy. And if you want to add function to any page or post, you can use the large range of widgets included to add those functions. Monetization is great with Gwangi.

The WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin is the perfect partner here and it allows you to collect regular payments from subscribers. You can also collect one-off payments from visitors for certain features like paying for on-site credits to perform actions, etc. To add to revenue possibilities, the theme includes advert spaces that are great.

Of course, some options will require additional plugins, but the potential for revenue generally is great. DateBook is a great theme that has a modern, responsive design that will impress users from the moment they land on your website. It is feature rich with great options to help you attract visitors to signup as well as ways to monetize your website. When you setup your website, there are already pre-packaged profile fields you can use, saving you time in developing profile aspects of your new website.

And when visitors sign up, they can create a personal profile that will highlight, represent and promote the aspects they wish others to see on the website. If you want to generate an income from membership, this theme includes a subscription option that takes payments by integrating with the WooCommerce subscription extension or DateBook Subscription.

Payments are then paid into your PayPal or Paystack accounts. As with many dating websites, there is the private chat messaging service and users can see when others are online and not.

Subscribers can also add people to their favorites list. Firstly, it is a BuddyPress theme, therefore, you can carry profiles of those who want to use your dating website. With this comes all the usual functionality such as private messaging, like and dislike rating systems and activity streams.

Users can also have extended profiles to showcase what makes them a good match. This theme also has some great monetization options which can be made available with the use of WooCommerce.

The design of the theme is also great. It looks modern, sleek and perfect for the modern dating website. There are lots of dating websites available on the internet. Which means you have a lot of competition. This will help you to rank well and give users a great experience that will keep them coming back all the time. Please leave this field empty. Building a Wordpress Site? Learn WP From Scratch. Wordpress Hosting. The Important Tutorials. Create a Wordpress Theme.

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wp dating themes

And why not? Anyone can find a partner and modern technology just makes it a lot easier. Who knows if your life partner is just a few clicks away.

Since the dating plugin is for WordPress, you have thousands of free plugins at your disposal for better functionality of your site. Dating Plugin 6.

TPG Dating is a premium WordPress Dating theme that is appropriate for opening online dating websites for singles and personals for getting more relationships and dates. TPG Dating support strong Page Builder and many other features, which make it easy for you to customize the theme in the most stunning way you can and attract more visitors. Besides, the WordPress Dating theme comes with fully responsive and stylish layout, so mobile users can access your site smoothly on any mobile devices, with the eye-catching content organization. Especially, TPG Dating uses BuddyPress, a robust and professional WordPress plugin for creating online community easily, all you just need to do is styling it again on your own to make sure the community of your site looks amazing.

WordPress Dating Theme

Is it complicated to set up a dating website and most important to make sure it is secure, especially if you are using readily available dating software? They want something good that can work out of the box, so they can easily modify it or their professional devs can handle the project. If you already decided to run a dating website and second most important thing to decide which platform they should use. There are both free dating scripts and paid ones are available. There are lots of reason to use the WordPress to run a dating website, as you must be familiar that WordPress is the simplest and easy to use the platform. It is SEO friendly and an excellent platform to market with. All you need to start a new dating business is the selection of reliable web hosting server and a domain name. In the beginning, you can go for a shared hosting but once your business grows you must switch to the dedicated server or VPS.

TPG Dating – Best Free Responsive WordPress Dating theme

The online dating services industry has exploded over the last decade from a collection of forum-based meeting rooms into a some of the most polished and successful online businesses you will find. Some reports place the annual revenue from dating websites and related online dating services like matchmaking and dating-oriented social networks at more than 2 billion dollars a year. While many of the online dating sites like eHarmony and ChristianMingle have become household names, there are thousands more that are equally profitable but may only have a few thousand members. Often, these micro-dating websites target a niche topic or local community. This ensures that members will find like-minded prospective dates and reduce competition with the biggest industry players when buying ads and marketing placement.

This is a 3rd party offer, product or service.

Version: 9. Customer service is our number 1 priority, we work hard to provide every client with the best service possible. Our WordPress Dating Theme makes it easy to set up your own dating website in just a few clicks - no coding necessary.

Rencontre – Dating Site

Dating is worth a lot of money. There are numerous dating sites online and only the best make a good income. Those who generate a decent income usually have a good website, and for a WordPress website, that means having one of the best dating WordPress themes. There are many different Dating WordPress themes available online.

This WordPress plugin allows you to create a professional dating website with WordPress. It is simple to install and administer with numerous possibilities. Kit Premium :. If you have translated the plugin in your language or want to, please let me know on Support page. Add the shortcode [rencontre] in your page content.

9+ Best WordPress Dating Themes & Plugins

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10 Best Dating WordPress Themes Compared - 2020

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